prevail on

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To occupy the preeminent position in:
Idioms: have the ascendancy, reign supreme.
phrasal verb
prevail against or over
To win a victory over, as in battle or a competition:
Informal: trim, whip.
Slang: ace, lick.
Idioms: carry the day, get the best of, get the better of, go someone one better.
phrasal verb
prevail on or upon
To succeed in causing (a person) to act in a certain way:
telja e-n á e-î
ikna etmek
References in classic literature ?
And this, as I could not prevail on any of my actors to speak, I myself was obliged to declare.
Jennings, who knew nothing of all this, who knew only that the Colonel continued as grave as ever, and that she could neither prevail on him to make the offer himself, nor commission her to make it for him, began, at the end of two days, to think that, instead of Midsummer, they would not be married till Michaelmas, and by the end of a week that it would not be a match at all.
The Willoughbys left town as soon as they were married; and Elinor now hoped, as there could be no danger of her seeing either of them, to prevail on her sister, who had never yet left the house since the blow first fell, to go out again by degrees as she had done before.