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She was hosted by Holy Family School with supports from Prevailer Schools, Alex High School and Rising Star Nursery and Primary School in Ijegun, a Lagos suburb.
An independent scholar who has thought deeply about the intersections between nature and culture, Gullette is eager to use "the freedom marginality provides" to cross disciplines, plumbing fiction as readily as journalism, women's magazines, social science, demographics, statistics and economics for ways to think and live that are "psychologically liberating, intellectually energizing, politically empowering." (Fond of "the midlife women's progress novel," for instance, she sees that "The genre answers the culture's reiterated motto, 'No second chances,' with plots that are nothing if not new starts.") Her work might speak to the man in the recent New Yorker cartoon who sits at a bar and says glumly "I'm a survivor, but I expected to be a prevailer."
Kristin Prevailer is an editor of the magazine apex of the M and is working on cataloging and editing the papers of Helen Adam.