prevailing wind

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Noun1.prevailing wind - the predominant wind direction; "the prevailing wind is from the southwest"
antitrades - wind in the upper atmosphere blowing above but in the opposite direction from the trade winds
trade wind, trade - steady winds blowing from east to west above and below the equator; "they rode the trade winds going west"
antitrade, antitrade wind - winds blowing from west to east and lying above the trade winds in the tropics
air current, current of air, wind - air moving (sometimes with considerable force) from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure; "trees bent under the fierce winds"; "when there is no wind, row"; "the radioactivity was being swept upwards by the air current and out into the atmosphere"
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No stream could be more convenient for navigation, since the prevailing wind is south-east, and sailing boats may make a continuous progress to the Peruvian frontier, dropping down again with the current.
The master of the merchantman assured him that from the position at which they had picked him up, and the prevailing winds for the past week he could have been on no other island than one of the Cape Verde group, which lie off the West Coast of Africa in about 16x or 17x north latitude.
Rubbish is regularly blown in the prevailing wind direction, and a huge cloud of gulls circles almost constantly over the site.
CAVITY wall insulation is being installed in homes where it is not appropriate because of the North Wales climate, heavy rain and prevailing wind, Arfon MP Hywel Williams has claimed.
The tower is the only structure on Earth capable of rotating 360 degrees into the prevailing wind.
The prevailing wind in Qatar is from the northwest anyway, but at this time of year, the wind is even stronger than usual.
Jovel Arias, mayor, said that because of the prevailing wind conditions in the area, "there are many investors interested in developing wind farms," adding that "the Tilawind wind farm is also underway, having already had its environmental impact study approved.
When staking trees, place the stake on the side which receives the prevailing wind, so that the stem is blown away from the stake and the bark is less likely to be damaged.
HOLE 1 - PAR 4 White 366 yards, Yellow 356 Generally played into the prevailing wind, which will lengthen the hole, it is nevertheless reasonably straightforward.
Development Manager Richard Fearnall said: "We are seeing a mix of applications going in for multiple installations of small machines where it may be more beneficial to install one machine that is not significantly larger in scale but has a higher energy output and is better suited to the prevailing wind conditions.
Speaking to KUNA, Al-Ujairi said the prevailing wind would bee fair to light north westerly to northerly, with speed of 10-35 km/h.
Entries describe the region and list best cruising months, local languages and currency, average temperature and prevailing wind, ratings on navigational difficulty, family friendliness, and facilities for diving, dining, and sightseeing, and relevant Admiralty charts.