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1. Generally current; widespread: the prevailing attitude.
2. Blowing usually or most frequently from a given direction: a prevailing easterly wind.

pre·vail′ing·ly adv.
Synonyms: prevailing, prevalent, current
These adjectives denote what exists or is encountered generally at a particular time. Prevailing applies to what is most frequent or common at a certain time or in a certain place: took a poll to find the prevailing opinion. Prevalent suggests widespread existence or occurrence but does not imply predominance: a belief that was prevalent in the Middle Ages. Current often stresses the present time and is frequently applied to what is subject to frequent change: current psychoanalytic theories.
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But it would be no fair picture of Clifford's state of mind were we to represent him as continually or prevailingly wretched.
For the population and magistrates of London were prevailingly Puritan, and the great body of the Puritans, then as always, were strongly opposed to the theater as a frivolous and irreligious thing--an attitude for which the lives of the players and the character of many plays afforded, then as almost always, only too much reason.
The product was imidazolium polysulfide with the sulfur chain prevailingly containing 7 and 8 sulfur atoms.
Over the major part of the century, the prevailingly Utraquist society above all required prints of music that could be sung by the "common people", that is, monophonic songs, whereas the more difficult-to-perform polyphony, supposed to be delivered by skilful singers, for a long time to come continued to be copied or, exceptionally, bought abroad (selected pieces by Europe-renowned composers).
Indeed, the diurnal temperature variations were great and the indoor temperature was prevailingly outside the target levels.
The withdrawal of funds for state housing authorities was of course presented as an economic necessity by the Commonwealth government, but it was a policy that prevailingly benefited the finance and real estate industry.
Cellulose acetate RO membranes, which were prevailingly used before PA membranes, have several drawbacks.
It is a prevailingly valid technique and can be used to handle projects across diverse industries.
4] source rock are generally lower by 1 to 2 [per thousand], and are prevailingly distributed in the range of -27.
Income and current transfers showed limited volatility on the annual level, with a prevailingly positive tone, as the income deficit inched slightly down, while remittances worked in the opposite direction.
For instance, speedball and cocaine abuse prevailingly affect sexual pleasure, while they slightly affect sexual desire.
In this he disagrees with Bruni's assumption that the first Boccaccio prevailingly addresses women ("Boccaccio on Readers and Reading").