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v. pre·var·i·cat·ed, pre·var·i·cat·ing, pre·var·i·cates
1. To speak or write evasively. See Synonyms at lie2.
2. (Usage Problem) To behave in an indecisive manner; delay or procrastinate.
To utter or say in an evasive manner.

[Latin praevāricārī, praevāricāt-, to straddle across (something), collude (used of lawyers) : prae-, pre- + vāricāre, to straddle (from vāricus, straddling, from vārus, bow-legged, bandy).]

pre·var′i·ca′tion n.
pre·var′i·ca′tor n.
Usage Note: The traditional meaning of prevaricate is "to speak or write evasively." In recent years, a second sense has developed, meaning "to behave in an indecisive manner; delay or procrastinate," perhaps influenced by equivocate, which primarily means "to speak evasively" but can also mean "to be indecisive." In American English, this second sense is widely considered an error, and a large majority of the Usage Panel finds it unacceptable. In 2011, 78 percent of the Panel disapproved of the "delay" sense of the word as used in the sentence He prevaricated for some two years before accepting the new design for production. This usage is more commonly encountered in British English, as in this quotation from the BBC News: As the industry prevaricated, sales collapsed.
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Noun1.prevaricator - a person who has lied or who lies repeatedlyprevaricator - a person who has lied or who lies repeatedly
beguiler, cheater, deceiver, trickster, slicker, cheat - someone who leads you to believe something that is not true
false witness, perjurer - a person who deliberately gives false testimony
fabricator, fibber, storyteller - someone who tells lies
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One who tells lies:
Informal: storyteller.
Law: perjurer.
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nAusweichtaktiker(in) m(f)
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References in classic literature ?
"Cavilling, not gravelling," said Don Quixote, "thou prevaricator of honest language, God confound thee!"
It was evident he took me for a perfectly shame- less prevaricator. At last he got angry, and to conceal a movement of furious annoyance, he yawned.
The country is led by the Great Prevaricator. Darkness and fear abound and can only be eradicated by enlightenment and moral strength.
As Jacobs peels back the layers on the Severy clan, we discover that Philip is a professional prevaricator in his personal life, Gregory has some unresolved issues and Alex is as much of a liar as all the rest of them and I have not even mentioned all of the rest of them.
And so Pinsky, lover of professional prevaricator Hillary, is part of the Resistance!
is more than simply a political opportunist and manipulator, a prevaricator and a procrastinator who acquired the nickname "Old Tomorrow" because of his policies toward Indigenous peoples.
And it suggests strongly that whoever walks into No 10 Downing Street in May - the cowardly prevaricator David Cameron or the geekish and ineffective Ed Miliband - will do so with the support of only a small proportion of the voting public.
"I don't know what to say in response to Dar's balderdash as he is a pathetic prevaricator," Imran Khan said.
And most of them honestly believe that we will be worse off if we vote for the prevaricator in the other party.
prevaricator. We now know that despite his assurances to the contrary,