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1. Coming before; preceding.
2. Expectant; anticipatory.

[Latin praeveniēns, praevenient-, present participle of praevenīre, to precede : prae-, pre- + venīre, to come; see gwā- in Indo-European roots.]

pre·ven′ient·ly adv.
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coming before; anticipating or preceding
[C17: from Latin praevenīre to precede, prevent]
preˈveniently adv
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(prɪˈvin yənt)

1. coming before; antecedent.
2. anticipatory.
[1600–10; < Latin praevenient- (s. of praeveniēns) coming before, present participle of praevenīre to anticipate]
pre•ven′ience, n.
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Adj.1.prevenient - in anticipationprevenient - in anticipation      
antecedent - preceding in time or order
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Though he had never regarded himself as other than an orthodox Christian, and would argue on prevenient grace if the subject were proposed to him, I think his virtual divinities were good practical schemes, accurate work, and the faithful completion of undertakings: his prince of darkness was a slack workman.
Thus they in lowliest plight repentant stood Praying, for from the Mercie-seat above Prevenient Grace descending had remov'd The stonie from thir hearts, and made new flesh Regenerat grow instead, that sighs now breath'd Unutterable, which the Spirit of prayer Inspir'd, and wing'd for Heav'n with speedier flight Then loudest Oratorie: yet thir port Not of mean suiters, nor important less Seem'd thir Petition, then when th' ancient Pair In Fables old, less ancient yet then these, DEUCALION and chaste PYRRHA to restore The Race of Mankind drownd, before the Shrine Of THEMIS stood devout.
latiloba prevenient of seeds with complete digestive transit were more elongated 65 days after sowing (Table 4, Fig.
However, Austin's telling of the story also allows him to reflect upon other less obvious theological themes, including how we come to know God, the relation of free will and providence, the doctrine of the Trinity, and prevenient grace, to name just a few.
God speaks, and existence is answer to that prevenient 'let there be'.
According to him, the following principles might help Pentecostals in this endeavour: (1) the fact that the Holy Spirit is the one who leads Christians to all truth; (2) the importance of identification with the poor of the world and the need to bring their distinctive voice into the dialogue; (3) the conviction of the prevenient workings of the Holy Spirit in every human being; (4) the empowerment of believers for witness by the Spirit; and (5) the diverse and pluralistic character of the Spirit's manifestations across racial, class, gender, language, and religious boundaries.
This way, this kind of service and the accuracy of the results prevenient from them are extremely important for the client and its business, so is the importance of the quality of the service delivered by the service provider.
The 2010 translation has introduced some new vocabulary such as prevenient--as in prevenient grace for the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception.
Hence it might be possible to deduce that though consciousness is a constant anticipation, it can carry out this anticipatory role only on the condition that it accepts something like a global given-ness of the world which is prevenient, is not exhausted in anticipations or reducible to the verification of the particular.
In particular, John Wesley distinguished between three types of grace: prevenient grace, salvation grace, and sanctifying grace.