prevent defense

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pre·vent de·fense

(prē′vĕnt′ dē′fĕns′)
n. Football
A defensive formation or strategy that employs an additional pass defender in an attempt to prevent long gains by the offense, usually near the end of the game.
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It does not effectively protect clients' statements, but may effectively prevent defense counsel from discovering statements made by victims and witnesses.
Distinctions must be made between the usage of a prevent defense at the end of the first half and second half.
Congress must redouble its efforts to prevent defense contractors from conspiring with friendly -- and possibly compromised -- Pentagon employees to push through sweetheart contracts that are unfair to taxpayers.
Then, like the Sharks seemed to do in Game 2, the Monarchs went into a prevent defense.
It saw her go into a sort of a political version of the NFL's prevent defense by not lowering herself, to, well, go out and actually talk to voters and ask for their vote.
But, unfortunately, his advisers seem to have adopted the football strategy of prevent defense, in which the winning team tries to simply hold off the rivals until time runs out.
It often forces the defense to line up in the same pass prevent defense for the entire possession.
You are never out of it, there is no time clock, you can't go into a prevent defense, you always leave yourself a shot to win.
It's almost like they run a prevent defense,'' USC tailback Reggie Bush said.
Trying to run a double-reverse pass on the last play of the game when everyone and his mother is back in a prevent defense will only serve to anger the Gods and doom your last-second play.
Burncoat (1-2) was kept off the scoreboard until marching in against a prevent defense with 27 seconds to play.
Or that the prevent defense the club employed in the final minutes robbed the Kings of their high-energy style.
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