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v. pre·vent·ed, pre·vent·ing, pre·vents
1. To keep from happening; avert: took steps to prevent the strike.
2. To keep (a person or thing) from doing something; impede: prevented us from winning; prevented the disease from spreading.
3. Archaic
a. To anticipate or counter in advance.
b. To come before; precede.
To present an obstacle: There will be a picnic if nothing prevents.

[Middle English preventen, to anticipate, from Latin praevenīre, praevent- : prae-, pre- + venīre, to come; see gwā- in Indo-European roots.]

pre·vent′a·bil′i·ty, pre·vent′i·bil′i·ty n.
pre·vent′a·ble, pre·vent′i·ble adj.
pre·vent′er n.
Synonyms: prevent, preclude, avert, obviate, forestall
These verbs mean to stop or hinder something from happening, especially by advance planning or action. Prevent implies anticipatory counteraction: "Some contemporaries believed that capitalism and the rise of an international economy would prevent war among 'civilized' states" (John Howard Morrow).
To preclude is to exclude the possibility of an event or action: "a tranquillity which ... his wife's presence would have precluded" (John Henry Newman).
Avert and obviate imply that something, such as a difficulty or necessity, has been removed or avoided: The pilot's quick thinking averted an accident. The short duration of the journey obviated the need for large food supplies. Forestall usually suggests anticipatory measures taken to counteract, neutralize, or nullify the effects of something: We installed an alarm system to forestall break-ins.
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Federal regulators are moving ahead on transitioning into a long-term crash preventability determination program by seeking comment on expanding the types of crashes that carriers can have removed from a government database that evaluates their safety.
Under the bill, the curriculum of the seminar shall include the following: safety precautions; the concept of accident preventability, including a discussion of the magnitude of traffic accident problems; techniques for defensive driving and handling critical situations;
The data on preventability were collected by the state MMRCs and included 232 deaths that occurred during 2013-2017.
Using a standardized data collection system, each multidisciplinary MMRC reviewed available data sources (e.g., medical records, social service records, autopsy reports, and vital records) to determine preventability, factors that contributed to the death, and prevention strategies to address contributing factors.
In Brazil, the growth of the scientific publication on preventability occurred in 2007, with the establishment of the "Brazilian List of Preventable Death Causes" by the Ministry of Health, from the perspective of the available technology in the Unified Health System (SUS) (6,7).
This method of assessment was developed to indicate preventability based on independent review by the researchers.
Epidemiology identifying the causes and preventability of cancer?
While the law alludes to the inevitability of decline, it also implies its preventability. Preventing a descent, however, requires taking deliberate steps.
The secondary objectives were to analyze the causality, severity, predictability, and preventability of ADRs reported from the Department of OBG at Vani Vilas Hospital, Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute.