preventive attack

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Noun1.preventive attack - a strike that is carried out in order to deter expected aggression by hostile forces
strike - an attack that is intended to seize or inflict damage on or destroy an objective; "the strike was scheduled to begin at dawn"
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The US and its allies must also deploy sufficiently robust military forces to defend themselves, but not initiate a recklessly provocative preventive attack.
While US strategy has always included retaliatory and preemptive attack options, "Trump has added a new scenario of preventive attack in which Washington would attack North Korea even absent any indications of imminent attack," said Bruce Klingner, a former CIA deputy division chief for Korea who is currently with the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank in Washington.
McMaster and other hawks don't seem to acknowledge that a preventive attack by the U.
Richard Betts notes that the difference between preemptive and preventive attack "has often been confused, even by professional strategists.
There is a pretty broad consensus that, short of a full-scale invasion and occupation of Iran, a preventive attack would not end the nuclear program, only postpone it for a few years.
We're afraid that a so-called preventive attack on Iran might also destroy us.
The CNAS report is only the latest in a series of studies and analyses that have warned against a preventive attack on Iran, particularly by Israel.
The findings and analysis are presented under the sub headings of: preemptive attack, preventive attack and international law.
Even a successful preventive attack would at most set back Iran's nuclear program a few years.
Sarkozy said last week that Iran's "military, nuclear and ballistic ambitions constitute a growing threat that may lead to a preventive attack against Iranian sites that would provoke a major crisis that France wants to avoid at all costs.
There must be some further consideration that keeps the option of a preventive attack on North Korea off the table.
Although the National Security Strategy and other policy statements use the word "preemption" to refer to a first strike against a perceived security threat, (12) "generations of historians, social scientists, legal scholars, and policymakers have defined preemption more restrictively, distinguishing preemptive from preventive attack.

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