preventive strike

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Noun1.preventive strike - a strike that is carried out in order to deter expected aggression by hostile forces
strike - an attack that is intended to seize or inflict damage on or destroy an objective; "the strike was scheduled to begin at dawn"
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The Pulwama attack on an Indian army convoy, claimed by the Jaish-e-Mohammad, gave the Modi government an excuse to launch what was described as a preventive strike against what it alleged was a JeM training camp on the Pakistani mainland.
After successfully executing the preventive strike, Dr Mazari went on to display a firm resolve of her government to respect human rights.
"It would naturally mean a global catastrophe, but I want to emphasize that we can't be those who initiate it because we don't foresee a preventive strike," said the Russian president in Sochi.
It was the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bob Corker, who warned last year that Trump might blunder into "World War III." Yet even as Democrats have pushed (without success) legislation seeking to prohibit Trump from unilaterally ordering a preventive strike on North Korea, the overall congressional response has been surprisingly muted.
Bolton is known as one of the most hawkish voices in US foreign policy and has recently argued for a preventive strike on North Korea, Yonhap news agency reported.
"Bolton has openly argued for a preventive strike option against Pyongyang's nuclear program, while making clear his disdain for diplomatic agreements such as the nuclear deal with Iran." Many analysts point with concern to Bolton's track record in the Middle East.
The threat of war on the Korean peninsula cannot be ruled out but a preventive strike against North Korea will cost millions of lives and plunge the global economy into a recession or even a depression.
Will it not provoke Turkey into some sort of "preventive strike" to suffocate even an embryonic statehood for the Kurds?
Thus, in his 2013 Nowruz speech, Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei threatened to destroy the cities of Tel Aviv and Haifa if Israel launched a preventive strike against Iran's nuclear infrastracture --a threat subsequently repeated by other officials.
A preventive strike on Iraq was, the administration argued, an urgent necessity.
But Congress spokesperson and chairman of the prestigious parliamentary standing committee on law and justice, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, launched a preventive strike by resigning from both the posts late on Monday afternoon.
"The attacks on July 22 were a preventive strike. I acted in self-defence on behalf of my people, my city, my country," he said.

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