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 (prĭ-vĕn′tĭv) also pre·ven·ta·tive (-tə-tĭv)
1. Intended or used to prevent or hinder; acting as an obstacle: preventive measures.
2. Carried out to deter expected aggression by hostile forces.
3. Preventing or slowing the course of an illness or disease; prophylactic: preventive medicine; preventive health care.
1. Something that prevents; an obstacle.
2. Something that prevents or slows the course of an illness or disease.

pre·ven′tive·ly adv.
pre·ven′tive·ness n.
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Bersamin said excluded from the data are judges that have been preventively suspended while facing investigation.
Earlier, some PAO lawyers asked the Office of the Ombudsman to preventively suspend Acosta and forensics chief Erwin Erfe over corrupt practices relating to disbursements and allocation of the PAO budget.
Summary: Wayanad (Kerala) [India], Aug 10 (ANI): As incessant rains crippled normal life in the district, nearly 30,000 people were preventively evacuated to relief camps in Wayanad.
He stressed that before the start of each summer season, they talk to embassy representatives about the experiences of their tourists in Sarajevo in order to act preventively. According to information they obtained so far, apart from pickpocketing, minor inconveniences in public transport or begging are also noticed, with which all world capitals are struggling, but otherwise, we have had no major problems.
It concludes that "numerous examples" of women, who either carried out extremist attacks or were arrested preventively, "prove that women are willing to use violence if the ideology allows them to do so.
"Taking into consideration the public policy involved in preventively suspending a public officer charged under a valid Information, the protection of public interest will definitely have to prevail over the private interest of the accused," the resolution read.
He also informed that there are routine plans for joint action by the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense if the tensions in Greece are to escalate and Bulgaria needs to respond preventively or in the event of a crisis situation.
Ten of the 18 regular employees have been ordered preventively suspended for 90 days while facing administrative charges of grave misconduct and conduct prejudicial to the service.
BRUSSELS: Some 40 people were preventively evacuated from a building near the European Union headquarters in Brussels after a bomb threat was sent to a company linked to the EU.Police spokeswoman Ilse Van de Keere said a telephone bomb threat" was made on Tuesday morning to a consulting office linked to the EU's executive commission and that it has been taken seriously.
The second study reviewed by the FDA was a real world retrospective study examining the daily clinical use of gammaCore preventively and acutely for the treatment of cluster headache.