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1. Existing or occurring before something else in time or order; prior: children by a previous marriage.
2. Informal Acting, occurring, or done too soon; premature or hasty: "I have been too previous, for which you must blame the natural impatience of a man in love" (Georgette Heyer).

[From Latin praevius, going before : prae-, pre- + via, way; see wegh- in Indo-European roots.]

pre′vi·ous·ly adv.
pre′vi·ous·ness n.
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I loved the oddity and previousness of the English in it.
Niles, express this truth in terms of "the previousness of Jesus".
Niles, for example, developed the concept of the "previousness of Christ" to argue that the risen Christ was already present and active in the transformations that were taking place in the Asian societies.