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tr.v. pre·vised, pre·vis·ing, pre·vis·es
1. To know in advance; foresee.
2. To notify in advance; forewarn.

[Middle English previsen, from Latin praevidēre, praevīs- : prae-, pre- + vidēre, to see; see weid- in Indo-European roots.]

pre·vi′sor n.
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vb (tr)
1. to predict or foresee
2. to notify in advance
[C16: from Latin praevidēre to foresee, from prae before + vidēre to see]
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Past participle: prevised
Gerund: prevising

I previse
you previse
he/she/it previses
we previse
you previse
they previse
I prevised
you prevised
he/she/it prevised
we prevised
you prevised
they prevised
Present Continuous
I am prevising
you are prevising
he/she/it is prevising
we are prevising
you are prevising
they are prevising
Present Perfect
I have prevised
you have prevised
he/she/it has prevised
we have prevised
you have prevised
they have prevised
Past Continuous
I was prevising
you were prevising
he/she/it was prevising
we were prevising
you were prevising
they were prevising
Past Perfect
I had prevised
you had prevised
he/she/it had prevised
we had prevised
you had prevised
they had prevised
I will previse
you will previse
he/she/it will previse
we will previse
you will previse
they will previse
Future Perfect
I will have prevised
you will have prevised
he/she/it will have prevised
we will have prevised
you will have prevised
they will have prevised
Future Continuous
I will be prevising
you will be prevising
he/she/it will be prevising
we will be prevising
you will be prevising
they will be prevising
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been prevising
you have been prevising
he/she/it has been prevising
we have been prevising
you have been prevising
they have been prevising
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been prevising
you will have been prevising
he/she/it will have been prevising
we will have been prevising
you will have been prevising
they will have been prevising
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been prevising
you had been prevising
he/she/it had been prevising
we had been prevising
you had been prevising
they had been prevising
I would previse
you would previse
he/she/it would previse
we would previse
you would previse
they would previse
Past Conditional
I would have prevised
you would have prevised
he/she/it would have prevised
we would have prevised
you would have prevised
they would have prevised
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Verb1.previse - warn in advance or beforehand; give an early warning; "I forewarned him of the trouble that would arise if he showed up at his ex-wife's house"
warn - notify of danger, potential harm, or risk; "The director warned him that he might be fired"; "The doctor warned me about the dangers of smoking"
2.previse - realize beforehand
know - be aware of the truth of something; have a belief or faith in something; regard as true beyond any doubt; "I know that I left the key on the table"; "Galileo knew that the earth moves around the sun"
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On the commercial side, business to business commerce specialist Previse, which has operations in Glasgow and Edinburgh, has developed an accounting tool which enables major companies to pay suppliers instantly on receipt of an invoice.
To be previse, the involved companies have started to offer efficient automotive HVAC that are cost-effective, thereby, offering maximum comfort and safety.
Lingvisticke aktivnosti podvedene pod tako izlucen tip jezicne ideologije podrazumijevaju vecu sklonost konstruiranju razlicitih jezicnih varijeteta kolonije nego otkrivanju onih koji doista postoje jer su lingvisti bili previse zaslijepljeni svojim idejama o jeziku da bi nepristrano prepoznavali osobitosti jezicnih varijeteta zatecenih u kolonijama.
Regimen Pro patients will also be able to browse and purchase products online from the full range of trusted brands including Neocutis, PCA Skin, SkinCeuticals, Jan Marini, SkinMedica, Previse, and many more.
To achieve more previse judgment, a good deal of statistics have already been computed, such as the entropy of CU blocks, the mean of CU blocks, the variance of the CU blocks, the entropy of GDS of CU blocks, and the prediction residual between the original block and the reconstruction block, that is the minimum value of SATD.
Since the identified risks in this study are effective on the objectives of this project from different aspects, to avoid holistic view and to make more previse the identified risks, it is necessary to define some indices which are indicative of the effects of risks on different aspects of project.
In contrast to the previse knowledge about SNP, this paper aims to propose a novel SNP model that can solve the XOR problem and we show that it can be universal approximation.
For Schot and Geels (2008), it is relatively easy to previse the economic effects, because there is a great quantity of instrument developed to perform it.
Previse je toga na plecima mojim; My shoulders are sore; da radim, I must work, da pomognem dok djeca ne porastu, I must help my children, dok ne postanu Ijudi.
(17) Cet exces de la visee est eminemment un exces du sens (Erfahrung und Urteil parle, au [section] 8, de Sinnestranszendenz), ce pourquoi il est tout a fait legitime de caracteriser la teleologie de la perception, non pas tant comme une teleologie de la plenitude intuitive que comme une teleologie du sens (et meme du sens noematique) : << L'objet est pour ainsi dire un pole d identite, sans cesse conscient avec un sens previse qui est a realiser >> (Edmund Husserl, Meditations cartesiennes et Les Conferences de Paris, p.