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1. A knowing in advance; foresight.
2. A prediction; a forecast.
tr.v. pre·vi·sioned, pre·vi·sion·ing, pre·vi·sions
To foresee.

pre·vi′sion·al, pre·vi′sion·ar′y (-vĭzh′ə-nĕr′ē) adj.


characteristic of prevision
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Challenges to the new law also focused on the "exceptional" updating of all outstanding tax debts due when the law took effect that are owed the Superintendencia Nacional de Aduanas y Administracion Tributaria (SUNAT), including EsSalud and the Oficina de Normalizacion Previsional (ONP).
Contract awarded for External service staff to support and encouragement selfcaring user on line in the center of attention of san vicente previsional tagua tagua institute of social welfare, o~~higgins region
He most recently acted as Director of Pediatric Surgery in the Clinica Medica Previsional in Rivas.
This correlation, necessarily conducted on the basis of trials already performed, will lead to a previsional analysis carried out by means of fuzzy logic and Monte Carlo simulation.
In the paper the discussed problem is the accurate modelling of asynchronous machines previsional reliability in generator operation mode (ASG), viewing the extended usage of this type of machine in hydraulic and wind generator groups.
El acto del contrato de este tipo de personal estima un enorme recorte en los costes para la compania, puesto que la misma no tendra que contribuir con el Sistema Previsional y no necesitara probablemente invertir en la formacion, inclusive estos jubilados pueden haber sido, en algun momento, sus empleados, lo que denotaria un conocimiento de la compania, de sus productos, de los servicios y de las costumbres (Brum, 2001).
PAHO/WHO (2002) "Discriminacion de las Mujeres en el Sistema de Instituciones de Salud Previsional.