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 (prē′wŏsht′, -wôsht′)
1. Washed by the manufacturer so as to impart a softer texture or faded appearance. Used of textiles or clothing: prewashed denim; prewashed jeans.
2. Washed after harvest and before sale: prewashed lettuce.


(ˈpriˈwɒʃt, -ˈwɔʃt)

washed before sale, esp. to produce a soft texture or a worn look: prewashed jeans.
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Contract awarded for 10,000 units prewashed radiopaque sterile surgical gauze of 18 "x18" x45cms 45cms in 5 pack
Featuring Barilla pastas, easy-to-follow recipe cards, and fresh ingredients like mozzarella and butternut squash, the Peapod Meal Kits require little prep -- all vegetables are prewashed, measured and cut.
While that's enough of a reason for most people, there's now an added bonus: Kale comes in the prewashed and chopped salad bags, making it easier to consume than ever.
Rice and beans, with a side salad of packaged prewashed lettuce, tomatoes, and a splash of olive oil with balsamic vinegar is a typical offering.
Feet come prewashed and it defeats the power of the ritual.
A mere two years later, they successfully launched a prewashed, packaged salad for retail.
In the handmade accent rug category, introductions include additions to the company's branded Gorilla rug collection of heavyweight decorative accent rugs; a prewashed rayon chenille in six colors; a micro-fiber cotton waffle weave in six colorways; and a cotton/polyester shag called Lancaster
I have tossed aside my crutches and now walk freely away from noodle helpers and prewashed lettuce.
However, the Food and Drug Administration does not recommend rewashing prewashed produce and does not recommend washing fresh produce with soap, detergent, or commercial produce washes (3).
com 4 This new bedding collection carries forward Co-lomba Living's orientation toward prewashed bedding, bath, tabletop and home-accessories products made from natural linen, cotton, silk and wool.
So they buy bags of cut lettuce that come to the store prewashed.
The lower phase was transferred to another tube and dried at 60 [degrees]C under nitrogen, dissolved in 1 mL of toluene (analytical grade, Penta), and loaded onto a Phenomenex Strata SI-1 100-mg silica precolumn that had been prewashed with 1mLof isopropanol (Chromasolv, Merck), and equilibrated with 1 mL of hexane (Uvasol, Merck).