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 (prē′wŏsht′, -wôsht′)
1. Washed by the manufacturer so as to impart a softer texture or faded appearance. Used of textiles or clothing: prewashed denim; prewashed jeans.
2. Washed after harvest and before sale: prewashed lettuce.
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(ˈpriˈwɒʃt, -ˈwɔʃt)

washed before sale, esp. to produce a soft texture or a worn look: prewashed jeans.
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Use easy-care fabrics that have been prewashed to make a short knit dress, or skirt and top, tapered paints, tee and leggings.
For example, cut, prewashed spinach qualifies as a processed food.
Appealing to convenience- and organic-seeking shoppers, Ocean Mist Farms has launched organic Brussels sprouts and green onions, available in 1-pound bags, as well as prewashed and ready-to-eat Brussels sprouts, available in 2-pound packaging.
They are precut, prewashed, and afterward frozen, which makes them ready to use.
2 Not washing salad Even if the packet says "prewashed", you could be risking e coli or salmonella.
It entails applying a solution comprising glyoxylic acid at a pH of 1.5-2.1 to prewashed hair, keeping the solution in contact with hair for 15 to 120 minutes (with an average duration of 60 minutes); drying the hair, and straightening the hair with a hair straightening iron at temperature of approximately 200+/-50[degrees]C.
The prewashed material allows for minimal shrinking with men's pieces cut for a modern fit allowing maximum movement and layering, and a women's cut that is a bit more form-fitting, both crafted for style.
A further study by the University of California last year found that even prewashed spinach still contained 90% of its bacteria so could cause food poisoning.
However, consider this: a bag of prewashed salad greens, dumped into a salad bowl and tossed with a vinaigrette is arguably delicious, and takes seconds to prepare.