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(prɛks) (ˈprɛksɪ) ,




(Education) a slang term for a college president
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"It's a very competitive time for distributors" says Richie Fay, Lionsgate's prex of domestic distribution.
Las exportaciones solo estan disponibles en valores corrientes, y no se publican los precios correspondientes desagregados; por esta razon se ha incluido una variable de precio de las exportaciones (PREX), igual para todas las desagregaciones de exportaciones, que pretende descontar la (a menudo importante) variacion de precios en el crecimiento de las exportaciones latinoamericanas.
Another is the verb precor and the related noun prex (a prayer, entreaty, petition, curse).
From Martin, the T75 Prex sliding table saw features a 204mm cutting height and a 92-degree cutting angle.
The machine is equipped with a PREX motor, and offers a max machining diameter of 16.14", and max machining length of 19.69".
Schopfheim, German-based OYSTAR Huttlin has set a milestone for Ferring Pharmaceuticals, located in Saint Prex in Switzerland: an environmentally friendly closed-loop plant for organic solvents has been installed at this highly specialized biopharmaceutical manufacturer's facilities.
The LB3000EX is equipped with a new high-power, compact PREX motor, creating super rigidity and top rotation speed, horsepower, and torque.
Berger to Booth, "Prex Week II," September 30, Time Inc.
The contract covers the Haldex AWD system, including a newly developed pre-charge system, PreX.