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n. pl. prex·ies Slang
A president, especially of a college or university.

[Shortening and alteration of president.]
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(ˈprɛk si)

n., pl. prex•ies
Slang. a president, esp. of a college or university.
[1870–75, (by shortening and alter. of president) + -y2]
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Noun1.prexy - the head administrative officer of a college or university
academic administrator - an administrator in a college or university
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Toppers: Jose Hueva, CEO; Felipe Ortiz, prexy; Luis Ortiz, VP
Angela Bromstad was shifted to London to become prexy of international TV production, doing a localization job in TV akin to what NBC U Intl.
also revamped its motion picture group last month, leaving Jeff Robinov with greater authority as prexy of the newly formed Warner Bros.
WGA prexy Patric Verrone said at a news conference that the NAACP was granted a waiver because it's primarily an organization that focuses on social justice and just happens to put on an awards show.
The new entertainment prexy will also inherit a development slate that includes the David Milch cop drama "Last of the Ninth," the biker pilot "1%" and the comedy project "Driving Around With Joni."
In another panel, Lemon Films' Billy Rovzar and Argos prexy Epigmenio Ibarra agreed that the industry is troubled by a brain drain that sends talented screenwriters to Hollywood and suggested that the industry unite through the creation of a fund that would allow gifted writers to give up their day jobs and forge scripts fulltime in Mexico.
In 1970, he joined Gene Autry's Golden West Broadcasters, which owned KTLA in Los Angeles, eventually becoming prexy and chief operating officer of the company.
The two factors causing problems for free-to-air broadcasters are a stronger dollar and sliding ad revenues, according to Marion Edwards, prexy of international distribution for Twentieth Century Fox TV Distribution.
AFTRA will vote up a new prexy at its convention in August.
The studio, which prides itself on being fiscally responsible, felt (like Paramount) it was paying two people-Alex Young and Emma Watts--to do the job of one production prexy. Young was deemed expendable and segued to a producing gig.
"People obviously don't have the deep pockets they used to have, because it used to be that everything you had would get licensed," says Twentieth Century Fox international TV distribution prexy Marion Edwards.
Ross still needs a marketing prexy--Mark Zoradi ankled as prexy of worldwide marketing and distribution, and studio marketing prexy Jim Gallagher is also out.