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 (prī-ā′pĭk, -ăp′ĭk) also pri·a·pe·an (prī′ə-pē′ən)
1. Of, relating to, or resembling a phallus; phallic.
2. Characterized by or exhibiting unrestrained or excessive male sexual activity.

[From priapus.]
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Frischer's allowance for the Horatian sermo to include, in different proportions, elements of three root genres (technical handbook, didactic poem, and verse epistle), means that we have poems as diverse as the Priapean Satire (Satire 1.8) and the Ars poetica under the same generic title of sermo in his system of categorization (Frischer 1991:98).
three 'Priapean' poems," (24) with poem number 18 being the most likely candidate for preservation since it "is certainly a genuine fragment." (25) The influential edition of Robinson Ellis (1867; 2nd ed.
Ever the student of Virgilian poetics, Bembo strove in these youthful works to imitate his favorite classical poet in both his mythopoetic narrative poems ("Benacus" and "Sarca") and his erotic "Faunus" poems, since he most likely considered Virgil to have been the author of the Priapean corpus of poems familiar to him from the Aldine edition of 1517.