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Noun1.price competition - intense competition in which competitors cut retail prices to gain business
competition - a business relation in which two parties compete to gain customers; "business competition can be fiendish at times"
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The pace of offline-to-online retail migration remains strong and industry dynamics improve with less price competition and free shipping, Chuen tells investors in a research note.
The market researcher concluded high-end smartphone manufacturers like Samsung and Apple are struggling to maintain their leadership in markets like Thailand where midrange phones are widely preferred due to fierce price competition.
Egypt bought 120,000 ton of Russian wheat on Tuesday, underlining tough price competition from Black Sea supplies.
Summary: Trade expected to grow in 2018, driven by growing demand, price competition, according to Dubai Chamber survey
A new Best's Market Segment Outlook, Gulf Cooperation Council Market Outlook is Negative, states that challenges include persistent low oil prices (and the resultant pressure on public spending), the introduction of value-added tax (VAT), political tensions and trade embargos and the unrelenting level of price competition. Insurers in the GCC have historically relied on government spending for premium growth-particularly for infrastructure projects.
Release date- 01022017 - A planned merger between Vodafone Group Plc's (BBB+/Stable) Indian subsidiary and Idea Cellular should help them withstand intense price competition in the Indian telco market, but is unlikely to lead to increased pricing power for operators in the short term, says Fitch Ratings.
(200) Wright and Ginsburg offer no empirical or even theoretical basis for believing that in this industry, where the gains from price competition are so enormous, any supposed positive innovation effects would outweigh the documented negative price effects.
Revenues were up by one percent to 12.9 billion dirhams ($3.5 billion), "impacted by unfavourable exchange rate movement, mainly in Morocco, Egypt and Pakistan, and aggressive price competition in certain markets," the company said.
These results continue to be counterbalanced by some cyclicality still present in the business model as well as the potential for price competition or large operational risks to weigh on overall results.
But revenue per passenger was 6.6% lower - with analysts at Cantor Fitzgerald saying it suggested "stiff price competition" and that the market was forcing the business to pass on the benefits of plunging oil prices.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 7, 2015-Morrisons sales deteriorate as UK supermarket price competition continues