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* 11 percent of homes in Manhattan saw a price cut in February --a slight increase of 0.1 percentage points year-over-year.
After the price cut, the Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 will start from Rs 8,499, Rs 500 lower than the Rs 9,999 starting price.
Across the country, 25.1 percent of new construction homes had a price cut in the fourth quarter, compared with 19.2 percent of new homes in the first quarter of the year.
The price cut will be at least P5 per kilogram or P55 per 11-kilogram tank.
The first to implement a price cut was Phoenix Petroleum, which reduced gasoline prices by P1.65 per liter and diesel by P0.60 per liter.
Then last Friday, Vanguard cut expenses on 68 mutual fund and ETF shares, marking its third price cut in as many months following cuts by State Street Corp.
Scottish Power yesterday became the third big energy supplier to announce a price cut. The firm is knocking 5.4% off its "standard" gas price - but not until March 15.
That was the largest quarterly price cut since the end of 2009.
The customers consuming as many as 50 units per month would not be able to enjoy to the price cut.
A SMALL energy supplier yesterday shamed their bigger rivals by announcing a 10.4 per cent price cut.
Bulgaria's state-owned gas supplier Bulgargaz has warned that a gas price cut will put it into a difficult financial situation.