price down

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w>price down

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A man don't see all this here a goin' on dreadful round him, in the way of Subjects without heads, dear me, plentiful enough fur to bring the price down to porterage and hardly that, without havin' his serious thoughts of things.
Kuwait oil price down to USD 59.67 pb KUWAIT, Aug 16 (KUNA) -- Kuwait oil price went down USD 1.31 to USD 59.67 per barrel (pb) Thursday after being at USD 60.98 pb the day before, said Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) Friday.
The price of oil will cycle around $60 until the mid to late 2020s before the effects of conservation and increased renewables start pushing the price down, Trend reports citing the World Economic League Table 2019 (WELT) of the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr).
Similarly, a slowing economy will impact people's (and companies') earnings and so influence their spending and investment options, potentially driving Bitcoin's price down.
According to Foster's Daily Democrat, the 133-acre historic farm property was originally priced at $3.35 million, but LandVest Real Estate company recently dropped the posted sale price down to $1.87 million.
Then last week, the world's consumer nations announced they were releasing oil from their strategic stockpiles to push the price down, and it did go down--at least for the moment.
Talking to Geo News, President LPG Distributors Association Irfan Khokar said the JJVL brought down the LPG prices from Rs 65,864 to Rs 53,536 per tonnes, adding this price cut will take the domestic cylinder price down by Rs 143 and industrial cylinder by Rs 550 in next two days.
And frying steak is less than half price down from pounds 8.49 to pounds 4 for 700g.
This brings the price down from pounds 12,900 to just pounds 9,900, which is a reduction of almost a quarter.
UK homes lost a further 1.9% of their value during the month, pushing their average price down to pounds 199,732 - the first time the figure has dipped below pounds 200,000 since November 2006.
The air conditioned 1.1 LX Picanto will see an EUR800 price reduction, bringing the price down to EUR13,195 (ex works).