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Noun1.price level - an index that traces the relative changes in the price of an individual good (or a market basket of goods) over time
index number, indicator, index, indicant - a number or ratio (a value on a scale of measurement) derived from a series of observed facts; can reveal relative changes as a function of time
retail price index - an index of changes in retail prices
producer price index, wholesale price index - an index of changes in wholesale prices
consumer price index, cost-of-living index, CPI - an index of the cost of all goods and services to a typical consumer
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On the current oil prices, he said that there is "no specific fair price" because it changes permanently according to market conditions, as the price level reflects the state of the oil market, noting that the state of improving the fundamentals of the oil market will strengthen prices levels in the coming months.
The convergence stagnation at 77 percent of the EU-28 level is only the result of the statistical imperfection in measuring the price level via the purchasing power parity," writes the IFP.
At the opposite end of the scale, the lowest price level was found in Bulgaria (48%), while Poland (53%) and Romania (52%) were just above 50% the average.
9% price increase in November and reported a three-month price level that exceeded year-ago prices.
With the UAE's VAT (value added tax) announcements, speculations are being circulated on the price level implications that the introduction could have.
The more critical price level to break above is the 2016 peak at 3,604.
First, the effect on the exchange rate of cost push inflation is ambiguous and is partially determined by the price level elasticity of aggregate demand.
A falling overall price level, by and of itself, is not necessarily a bad thing.
The price level elasticity of aggregate demand is a concept which has been overlooked in both macroeconomic textbooks (3) and the research literature (4) but is a relevant influence for the balance of trade and changes in the size of the trade deficit or surplus.
i], which implies house prices in region i will converge to the benchmark price level in a long run perspective.
The issuing price is lower than the average price level of local Chinese banks, as well as the Branch s price level of inter-bank borrowing over the same tenor.