price of admission

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Noun1.price of admission - the fee charged for admissionprice of admission - the fee charged for admission  
fee - a fixed charge for a privilege or for professional services
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s time it was a custom to return the price of admission to all persons who left the theatre before the close of the first act.
Remember that the price of admission is only sixpence, and that this is an opportunity which may never occur again
But really, you want to let him take a shy at your palms once; it's worth twice the price of admission or your money's returned at the door.
They were so discouraging to me, and to the frivolous minority of pleasure-seekers, that I recommended lowering the price of admission so as to suit the means of any decent people who were willing to leave off money-grubbing and tear themselves from the charms of mutual instruction for one evening at least.
The price of admission was worth it, but some people devalued our tickets by sneaking into our box and occupying the stairs.
POINT-TO-POINTING remains good value compared to many other sports, but rising costs - in recent years many linked to health, safety and horse welfare issues - have pushed up the price of admission.
I personally support Whitley Bay who have just reached Wembley for the third year in a row in the FA Vase Competition, but I also watch four or five matches every week at different locations, the total cost still being less than the price of admission to one Premiership match.
Above all, buy this triple-CD for Stephen Tin Tin Duffy's Kiss Me, New Order's Confusion and Japan's Life In Tokyo, a trio worth the price of admission on their own.
It's fucked up and photocopied, and definitely worth the price of admission.
The Price of Admission incorporates personal stories of those who are privileged and those who get "left behind," from the recruitment of student athletes who play "upper class" sports, to higher standards for Asian Americans.
The price of admission is a minimum of one can of food.
I wanted to make the music worth the price of admission, with the tap dancing as a bonus.