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Noun1.price of admission - the fee charged for admissionprice of admission - the fee charged for admission  
fee - a fixed charge for a privilege or for professional services
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In Charles II.'s time it was a custom to return the price of admission to all persons who left the theatre before the close of the first act.
Remember that the price of admission is only sixpence, and that this is an opportunity which may never occur again!'
But really, you want to let him take a shy at your palms once; it's worth twice the price of admission or your money's returned at the door.
They were so discouraging to me, and to the frivolous minority of pleasure-seekers, that I recommended lowering the price of admission so as to suit the means of any decent people who were willing to leave off money-grubbing and tear themselves from the charms of mutual instruction for one evening at least.
And so, forsooth, the youth are said to be taught them by Socrates, when there are not unfrequently exhibitions of them at the theatre (Probably in allusion to Aristophanes who caricatured, and to Euripides who borrowed the notions of Anaxagoras, as well as to other dramatic poets.) (price of admission one drachma at the most); and they might pay their money, and laugh at Socrates if he pretends to father these extraordinary views.
TASC will cover the price of admission for this movie event.
The fine essentially would double the price of admission.
PARENTS have complained about the high price of admission to the Eisteddfod to see their children take part in the preliminary competitions.
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Best explanatory journalism for our affirmative action project, Price of Admission, recognition we shared with our reporting partners at the Center for Investigative Reporting's Reveal
The price of admission was worth it, but some people devalued our tickets by sneaking into our box and occupying the stairs.
RUNCORN LINNETS have announced plans to half the price of admission for season ticket holders of any Barclays Premier League or Sky Bet Championsip club when they host Silsden at the Millbank Linnets Stadium next weekend.