price reduction

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Noun1.price reduction - the act of reducing the selling price of merchandiseprice reduction - the act of reducing the selling price of merchandise
reduction, step-down, diminution, decrease - the act of decreasing or reducing something
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Minneapolis had the highest percentage (40 percent) of properties listed for sale having experienced at least one price reduction. Milwaukee saw 37 percent of its listings have price reductions, while Baltimore had 35 percent of listings experiencing price reductions.
"Price reduction does not mean any compromise on the quality of the drug as we are very rigid about not allowing even a change in packaging or change in wording on the packaging after price change.
"The co-operative reached its price reduction commitment at the end of 2014, one year ahead of schedule, but maintained the programme, yielding a much higher reduction rate than expected.
The average price reduction of heating and hot water for Bulgaria is expected to be 5% and even larger in the biggest cities.
For the computer, subjects perceived a price reduction presented in dollar terms as more significant (X = 5.97) than the same price reduction presented in percentage terms (X = 5.45).
Disclosures required during contract performance cover contract price reduction and government orders and sales.
The price reduction clause requires that the government must be offered the same discounts as any commercial customer.
The price reduction would concern all customers of Comviq and Tele2, according to the company.
IRN also surveyed European suppliers in the German-speaking market and found price reduction expectations on the rise there as well.
While we wish this graphic demonstrated share prices or profitability, the sad truth is that the pattern illustrates how the five customers or customer groups [DaimlerChrysler, Ford, GM, the transplants collectively, and Tier Ones collectively] have been ratcheting up their demands for some form of price reduction from the suppliers responding to the survey.
The 2.4T engine is upgraded to the 2.5T for S60, V70 and S80 models, and there are price reductions and extra equipment for the S40 saloon and V40 estate models.