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1. The amount as of money or goods, asked for or given in exchange for something else.
2. The cost at which something is obtained: believes that the price of success is hard work.
3. The cost of bribing someone: maintained that every person has a price.
4. A reward offered for the capture or killing of a person: a felon with a price on his head.
5. Archaic Value or worth.
tr.v. priced, pric·ing, pric·es
1. To fix or establish a price for: shoes that are priced at sixty dollars.
2. To find out the price of: spent the day pricing dresses.
price out of the market
To eliminate the demand for (goods or services) by setting prices too high.

[Middle English pris, from Old French, from Latin pretium; see per- in Indo-European roots.]

price′a·ble adj.
pric′er n.
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For example, some products offer good, better and best versions, with each quality level priced differently.
"Higher plastic prices are causing plastic manufacturers to consider recycled containers and other lower priced options," Boza says.
On the other hand, if a listing is correctly or even under priced, it will generate overwhelming interest immediately.
Historically, steel has been priced on a "boom-and-bust" cyclical pattern.
For example, in conducting this analysis for a recent client, Scannell & Kurz found that the institution went from the lowest priced in its competitor set based on sticker price to the highest priced based on net price.
Of course, sellers of houses generally attempt to be patient so that they can obtain some-thing close to the best possible price, but occasionally one finds houses "priced to sell" by someone who has reason to be less patient.