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Noun1.pricelessness - the positive quality of being precious and beyond valuepricelessness - the positive quality of being precious and beyond value
value - the quality (positive or negative) that renders something desirable or valuable; "the Shakespearean Shylock is of dubious value in the modern world"
gold - something likened to the metal in brightness or preciousness or superiority etc.; "the child was as good as gold"; "she has a heart of gold"
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The decorative pieces are made of raw crystals and her favorite porphyry marble, a red colored rock that's historically used in ancient Egyptian and Roman sculptures, giving Furstenberg's objects that added feel of pricelessness and rarity.
I opened the locket to discover layers of miniature photographs of my mother's family, and I understood its pricelessness - jewellery creates your history.
Wales showed once again the pricelessness of experience, of supreme physical fitness, of meticulous planning and of a collective state of mind that does not countenance defeat even in the most trying circumstances.
95, 200 pages, ISBN 9781616892760) eschews the beautiful side of fashion for the pricelessness and singularity of that one favorite thing.
In front of his nephew Arthur passes three pound notes to his mother (part of his weekly earnings), and this exchange is instantly understood by William who has his "mouth opened at the pricelessness of it, at the vital Friday-night transaction going on before him, a stupefying amount of money swinging in all its power and glory" (p.
Keating, Pricelessness and Life: An Essay for Guido Calabresi, 64 MD.
7) Concerns about mixing compensation and traditional parental rights are related to concerns about a market in children, which is arguably inimical to human dignity and human pricelessness.
It's not their pricelessness that attracts me, but that they are an artistic event--not an obscure esoteric one, but one that is plain for everyone to see.
1) Rather than making the usual appeal to high research costs, the company cited the pricelessness of human life, implying a moral reason for the pricing decision.
Despite this past, however, New Zealanders have awoken to the international pricelessness of their natural assets, and in the last few decades have wrestled ongoing socio-political hurdles to take significant steps towards conserving their remaining wilderness.