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a. A small point or spike for holding a candle upright.
b. A candlestick having such a spike.
2. A male deer in its second year, before the antlers branch.

[Middle English priket, diminutive of prik, prick, prick; see prick.]
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1. (Animals) a male deer in the second year of life having unbranched antlers
2. (Furniture) a sharp metal spike on which to stick a candle
3. (Furniture) a candlestick having such a spike
[C14 priket, from prik prick]
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(ˈprɪk ɪt)

1. a sharp metal point on which to stick a candle.
2. a candlestick with one or more such points.
3. a buck in his second year.
[1300–50; Middle English; see prick, -et]
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- A candlestick with a spike for holding up the candle (or the spike itself).
See also related terms for spike.
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Noun1.pricket - a sharp metal spike to hold a candlepricket - a sharp metal spike to hold a candle
candle holder, candlestick - a holder with sockets for candles
spike - sports equipment consisting of a sharp point on the sole of a shoe worn by athletes; "spikes provide greater traction"
2.pricket - male deer in his second year
cervid, deer - distinguished from Bovidae by the male's having solid deciduous antlers
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Rose is preceded in death by her husband Bill Jones, her parents Edward and Rosa Perez, her brothers Joseph Perez, Angelo Perez, and Richard Perez, as well as her sisters Linda Garcia, Julia Pricket, Helen Murillo, and Emily Dupree.
Lorina, 14, appears to be climbing up the steps to the front door where Miss Pricket, the governess, is standing.
Concerning this voyage there cannot bee much expected from me, seing that I have met with none of the Iournalls thereof : It appeareth that they have beene concealed, for what reasons I know not, but it is fitting that such things should be made extant, as may any way redound to the good of the Common-wealth; and therefore I can but communicate what I have received from Abacuck Pricket, and others by Relation, who was in the same Voyage, and from Sir Thomas Roe in the last part of a Iournall of this voyage.
Tonypandy Albion suffered a 4-1 home defeat against Lewistown with Aarron Pricket (2) Simon Lock and Kyran Gardner on target.
What then focuses the eye are the forms and details of the various 6thcentury gilt, garnet and niello buckles; Mosan plaques; pricket candlesticks; ivories; and illuminated manuscripts.
Bred by Kincorth Investments, he is the ninth foal of Magnificient Style, herself a daughter of Silver Hawk and halfsister to US Grade 1 winner Siberian Summer Magnificient Style raced only four times, winning on her debut in April as a three-year-old, finishing third to Pricket in the Listed Pretty Polly Stakes and beating French Oaks winner Sil Sila in the Musidora.
Sources disclose that the police stations including Pahari Pura, Hasht Nagry Gulbarg, Shah Qabool, Dabgri, Klhan Razaq KhanShaheed and police pricket Yadgar has been declared security risk.
One deer then reappeared for the hunt scene, to be shot and carried off so as to be observed by Holofernes (Christopher Godwin) and set up his delightful rendition of the pricket speech (4.2.55-61).
37 What kind of creature is traditionally called a fawn in its first year, pricket in its second and sorel in its third?
"The theme of the conference will be "Alarming Necessities: Taste, Reading, and Theology," and keynote speakers will include Stephen Pricket and Frank Burch Brown.
When Holly and Jessica were killed the pricket stands at Soham Parish Church were ablaze with light.