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pries 1

Third person singular present tense of pry1.

pries 2

Third person singular present tense of pry2.
Plural of pry2.
References in classic literature ?
Twice when the dustman is called in to carry off a cartload of old paper, ashes, and broken bottles, the whole court assembles and pries into the baskets as they come forth.
Its jaws were pried apart to their greatest extension, and a stout stake, sharpened at both ends, was so inserted that when the pries were removed the spread jaws were fixed upon it.
Carsten Pries, the development chief of BMW's M division, said, 'It's important to keep in mind that a M-tuned station wagon certainly won't be a global model.
Extension of the nursing home Le Clos des Pries in Vernouillet (78) - create about 21 additional beds and PASA.
The restaurant's manager, Justin Pries, says he expects to open this spring.
Quigley, the manager of an electrical/electronics systems and verification group, has joined with Pries, a director of product integrity and reliability for an electronics company, to write this field manual for project managers who are working on embedded products "from concept to production.