prima ballerina

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pri·ma ballerina

The leading woman dancer in a ballet company.

[Italian : prima, feminine of primo, first + ballerina, ballerina.]

prima ballerina

(Ballet) a leading female ballet dancer
[from Italian, literally: first ballerina]

pri′ma balleri′na

(ˈpri mə)
n., pl. prima ballerinas.
the principal ballerina in a ballet company.
[1895–1900; < Italian: literally, first ballerina]
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Noun1.prima ballerina - a leading female ballet dancer
ballerina, danseuse - a female ballet dancer

prima ballerina

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9 Prima ballerinas require discipline, commitment, poise, and perfect eye shadow-not necessarily in that order.
In the meantime, two leading dancers from the company held workshops at the Elliott Clarke school in Liverpool's Bold Street where prima ballerinas of the future were put through their paces in a routine from Swan Lake.