primary care physician

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Noun1.primary care physician - the physician who provides primary care; "the primary care physician acts as a gatekeeper to the medical system"
doc, doctor, physician, Dr., MD, medico - a licensed medical practitioner; "I felt so bad I went to see my doctor"
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No differences were found in treatment level with respect to age, gender, race, disease severity or comorbidities on multivariate analysis, but patients comanaged by a primary care physician and a pulmonologist were more likely to receive an appropriate level of care, as compared to patients treated by a primary care physician (odds ratio, 4.
When the patient visited his primary care physician the following week, he was seen by an associate of his regular doctor.
Presumably, the successful primary care physician would visit hospitalized patients less and less as he becomes more and more successful in practicing preventive medicine and early detection of certain illnesses.
While a POS plan lets you go out of network, you'll have to pay most of the cost, unless your primary care physician refers you to an out-of-network doctor.
Psychiatrists also can improve the consultative relationship by discussing measures of disease severity and response with the primary care physician.
McCarberg encouraged her to pursue one-on-one education of any primary care physician who might seem open to taking a larger role in managing patients' chronic pain, so that eventually this might lead to a cadre of primary care physicians showing that it can be done.
About a week later, the primary care physician noted that the patient was scheduled to see the urologist the next day, but didn't indicate that the urologist had been informed of the elevated PSA or that the patient had been told of its significance.
asked the primary care physicians on staff to see if they would be interested in this new method of inpatient care.
Entities Team Up to Educate Texas Primary Care Physicians
A recent study illustrates haw assigning equal value and power to bath primary care physicians and hospitalists can help reduce friction in a health care system.
Nine in 10 primary care physicians surveyed in Pennsylvania in 1998 said that they are comfortable discussing issues related to sex with their patients, but fewer than one-third believed that their counseling helps reduce risky behavior among their patients.
If fully informed Americans were pressed into choosing between having a primary care physician as a personal physician or having access to specialists, I am afraid that the majority would choose the latter.

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