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The branch of zoology that deals with primates.

pri′ma·to·log′i·cal (-tl-ŏj′ĭ-kəl) adj.
pri′ma·tol′o·gist n.


(Zoology) the branch of zoology that is concerned with the study of primates
ˌprimaˈtologist n
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Noun1.primatology - the branch of zoology that studies primates
mammalogy - the branch of zoology that studies mammals
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A film about celebrated primatologist Jane Goodall will open the fourth edition of Imagine Science Abu Dhabi, an interdisciplinary festival celebrating science through films and art, from March 8 to 10.
In its fourth year, Imagine Science Abu Dhabi will kick off with opening night feature Jane , a film about scientific field research and the life of groundbreaking primatologist Jane Goodall.
BRETT MORGEN'S thoroughly absorbing documentary about the life and career of world-renowned primatologist Dr.
The primatologist, now 83, was a 26-year-old secretary when her boss, Dr Louis Leakey, sent her to observe chimpanzees in the wild and the film pulls from 100 hours of footage by cameraman Hugo van Lawick, who would go on to become her husband.
But wildlife experts, like legendary primatologist Jane Goodall say that his White House team are "one by one, undoing every protection for the environment that was put in place by their predecessors".
World renowned primatologist Jane Goodall has for decades promoted conservation efforts -- and she's not done yet, especially as humans contribute to climate change.
Jane Goodall: Primatologist and UN Messenger of Peace.
The "Voyager" tool allows internet surfers to take interactive tours of exotic destinations on Google Earthled by the likes of primatologist Jane Goodall, with photos, information and maps.
Other messengers of peace including actors Michael Douglas and Leonardo DiCaprio, primatologist Jane Goodall and musicians Daniel Barenboim and Yo-Yo Ma.
For many years, Dian Fossey studied mountain gorillas, becoming a respected primatologist and a fierce champion of their preservation.
Conservationist Ian Redmond has studied the creatures for over 30 years, working with Sir David Attenborough and primatologist Dian Fossey.
Alison Jolly first visited Madagascar in 1962 and, over the following decades, established a soaring reputation as a primatologist with an endless fascination for lemurs.