prime factor

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: factor - the prime factors of a quantity are all of the prime quantities that will exactly divide the given quantity
divisor, factor - one of two or more integers that can be exactly divided into another integer; "what are the 4 factors of 6?"
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Heaven and hell may be the prime factors of zeal in the religion of a fanatic; but for the great majority of the religious, heaven and hell are incidental to right and wrong.
Summary: Increasing urbanization is also a prime factor driving the anti-stain fabrics market over the forecast period
'Without physical fitness a player or a team cannot progress in modern day cricket and fitness is a prime factor in taking teams to excellence,' said the all rounder.
Among his topics are lower bounds for linear forms in complex and p-adic logarithms, classical families of Diophantine equations, applications of linear forms in p-adic logarithms, primitive divisors and the greatest prime factor of 2n-1, simultaneous linear forms in logarithms and applications, and lower bounds for linear forms in two p-adic logarithms: proofs.
"These spectacular birds should be flourishing in our uplands but studies show that we are down to just a handful of pairs in England, with illegal persecution identified as a prime factor. So it's depressing when yet another hen harrier goes off the radar like this, especially when the tag data is so precise."
While financing is a key factor, SMEs also face the need to continuously innovate and adapt to changing markets particularly in an era where technology has become a prime factor in defining the direction of the global economy, as per the report.
The 'Brand Trust' campaign reflects Nissan's keenness to guarantee vehicle longevity and durability as safety is considered the prime factor during ownership period.
A rising prevalence of cancer is the prime factor responsible for substantial growth of radiation oncology market over the forecast period.
He said the energy, both electricity and gas, was a prime factor in cost of doing business for the textile industry.
Pune, India, July 22, 2016 --( As per the recently released Brandon Hall report on eLearning Outsourcing, today, for most organisations outsourcing their content development, cost is no longer the prime factor for driving their eLearning outsourcing requirements.
If t is a totient of N, then by definition no prime factor of t divides N.