prime minister

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prime minister

n. Abbr. PM
1. A chief minister appointed by a ruler.
2. The head of the cabinet and often also the chief executive of a parliamentary democracy.

prime ministerial adj.
prime ministership, prime ministry n.
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prime minister

1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the head of a parliamentary government
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the chief minister of a sovereign or a state
prime ministership, prime ministry n
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prime` min′ister

the head of government and the head of the cabinet in parliamentary systems.
prime` min′is•ter•ship`, prime` min′istry, n.
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: minister - the person who holds the position of head of the government in the United KingdomPrime Minister - the person who holds the position of head of the government in the United Kingdom
British Cabinet - the senior ministers of the British government
chief of state, head of state - the chief public representative of a country who may also be the head of government minister - the person who is head of state (in several countries)prime minister - the person who is head of state (in several countries)
chief of state, head of state - the chief public representative of a country who may also be the head of government
taoiseach - the prime minister of the Irish Republic
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prime minister


Prime Ministers

British Prime Ministers 
Prime MinisterPartyTerm of office
Robert WalpoleWhig1721-42
Earl of WilmingtonWhig1742-43
Henry PelhamWhig1743-54
Duke of NewcastleWhig1754-56
Duke of DevonshireWhig1756-57
Duke of NewcastleWhig1757-62
Earl of ButeTory1762-63
George GrenvilleWhig1763-65
Marquess of RockinghamWhig1765-66
Duke of GraftonWhig1766-70
Lord NorthTory1770-82
Marquess of RockinghamWhig1782
Earl of SherbourneWhig1782-83
Duke of PortlandCoalition1783
William PittTory1783-1801
Henry AddingtonTory1801-04
William PittTory1804-06
Lord GrenvilleWhig1806-1807
Duke of PortlandTory1807-09
Spencer PercevalTory1809-12
Earl of LiverpoolTory1812-27
George CanningTory1827
Viscount GoderichTory1827-28
Duke of WellingtonTory1828-30
Earl GreyWhig1830-34
Viscount MelbourneWhig1834
Robert PeelConservative1834-35
Viscount MelbourneWhig1835-41
Robert PeelConservative1841-46
Lord John RussellLiberal1846-52
Earl of DerbyConservative1852
Lord AberdeenPeelite1852-55
Viscount PalmerstonLiberal1855-58
Earl of DerbyConservative1858-59
Viscount PalmerstonLiberal1859-65
Lord John RussellLiberal1865-66
Earl of DerbyConservative1866-68
Benjamin DisraeliConservative1868
William GladstoneLiberal1868-74
Benjamin DisraeliConservative1874-80
William GladstoneLiberal1880-85
Marquess of SalisburyConservative1885-86
William GladstoneLiberal1886
Marquess of SalisburyConservative1886-92
William GladstoneLiberal1892-94
Earl of RoseberryLiberal1894-95
Marquess of SalisburyConservative1895-1902
Arthur James BalfourConservative1902-05
Henry Campbell-BannermanLiberal1905-08
Herbert Henry AsquithLiberal1908-15
Herbert Henry AsquithCoalition1915-16
David Lloyd GeorgeCoalition1916-22
Andrew Bonar LawConservative1922-23
Stanley BaldwinConservative1923-24
James Ramsay McDonaldLabour1924
Stanley BaldwinConservative1924-29
James Ramsay McDonaldLabour1929-31
James Ramsay McDonaldNationalist1931-35
Stanley BaldwinNationalist1935-37
Arthur Neville ChamberlainNationalist1937-40
Winston ChurchillCoalition1940-45
Clement AtleeLabour1945-51
Winston ChurchillConservative1951-55
Anthony EdenConservative1955-57
Harold MacmillanConservative1957-63
Alec Douglas-HomeConservative1963-64
Harold WilsonLabour1964-70
Edward HeathConservative1970-74
Harold WilsonLabour1974-76
James CallaghanLabour1976-79
Margaret ThatcherConservative1979-90
John MajorConservative1990-97
Tony BlairLabour1997-
Australian Prime Ministers 
Prime ministerPartyTerm of office
Edmund BartonProtectionist1901-03
Alfred DeakinProtectionist1903-04
John Christian WatsonLabor1904
George Houston ReidFree Trade1904-05
Alfred DeakinProtectionist1905-08
Andrew FisherLabor1908-09
Alfred DeakinFusion1909-10
Andrew FisherLabor1910-13
Joseph CookLiberal1913-14
Andrew FisherLabor1914-15
William Morris HughesNational Labor1915-17
William Morris HughesNationalist1917-23
Stanley Melbourne BruceNationalist1923-29
James Henry ScullinLabor1929-31
Joseph Aloysius LyonsUnited1931-39
Earle Christmas PageCountry1939
Robert Gordon MenziesUnited1939-41
Arthur William FaddenCountry1941
John Joseph CurtinLabor1941-45
Joseph Benedict ChiffleyLabor1945-49
Robert Gordon MenziesLiberal1949-66
Harold Edward HoltLiberal1966-67
John McEwenCountry1967-68
John Grey GortonLiberal1968-71
William McMahonLiberal1972-72
Edward Gough WhitlamLabor1972-75
John Malcolm FraserLiberal1975-83
Robert James Lee HawkeLabor1983-91
Paul KeatingLabor1991-96
John HowardLiberal1996-
Canadian Prime Ministers 
Prime MinisterPartyTerm of office
John A. MacDonaldConservative1867-73
Alexander MackenzieLiberal1873-78
John A. MacDonaldConservative1878-91
John J.C. AbbotConservative1891-92
John S.D. ThompsonConservative1892-94
Mackenzie BowellConservative1894-96
Charles TupperConservative1896
Wilfred LaurierLiberal1896-1911
Robert BordenConservative1911-20
Arthur MeighenConservative1920-21
William Lyon McKenzie KingLiberal1921-26
Arthur MeighenConservative1926
William Lyon McKenzie KingLiberal1926-30
Richard Bedford BennetConservative1930-35
William Lyon McKenzie KingLiberal1935-48
Louis St. LaurentLiberal1948-57
John George DiefenbakerConservative1957-63
Lester Bowles PearsonLiberal1963-68
Pierre Elliott TrudeauLiberal1968-79
Joseph ClarkConservative1979-80
Pierre Elliott TrudeauLiberal1980-84
John TurnerLiberal1984
Brian MulroneyConservative1984-93
Kim CampbellConservative1993
Joseph Jacques Jean ChrétienLiberal1993-
New Zealand Prime Ministers 
Prime MinisterPartyTerm of office
Henry Sewell-1856
William Fox-1856
Edward William Stafford-1856-61
William Fox-1861-62
Alfred Domett-1862-63
Frederick Whitaker-1863-64
Frederick Aloysius Weld-1864-65
Edward William Stafford-1865-69
William Fox-1869-72
Edward William Stafford-1872
William Fox-1873
Julius Vogel-1873-75
Daniel Pollen-1875-76
Julius Vogel-1876
Harry Albert Atkinson-1876-77
George Grey-1877-79
John Hall-1879-82
Frederick Whitaker-1882-83
Harry Albert Atkinson-1883-84
Robert Stout-1884
Harry Albert Atkinson-1884
Robert Stout-1884-87
Harry Albert Atkinson-1887-91
John Ballance-1891-93
Richard John SneddonLiberal1893-1906
William Hall-JonesLiberal1906
Joseph George WardLiberal/National1906-12
Thomas MackenzieNational1912
William Ferguson MasseyReform1912-25
Francis Henry Dillon BellReform1925
Joseph Gordon CoatesReform1925-28
Joseph George WardLiberal/National1928-30
George William ForbesUnited1930-35
Michael Joseph SavageLabour1935-40
Peter FraserLabour1940-49
Sidney George HollandNational1949-47
Keith Jacka HolyoakeNational1957
Walter NashLabour1957-60
Keith Jacka HolyoakeNational1960-72
John Ross MarshallNational1972
Norman Eric KirkLabour1972-74
Wallace Edward RowlingLabour1974-75
Robert David MuldoonNational1975-84
David Russell LangeLabour1984-89
Geoffrey PalmerLabour1989-90
Mike MooreLabour1990
Jim BolgerNational1990-97
Jenny ShipleyNational1997-99
Helen ClarkLabour1999-
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رَئيس الوزارَهرَئِيس الوُزَراء
premiérpředseda vlády
ministrski predsednik
thủ tướng

prime minister

nprimo ministro
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(praim) adjective
1. first or most important. the prime minister; a matter of prime importance.
2. best. in prime condition.
the best part (of a person's etc life, usually early middle age). He is in his prime; the prime of life.
ˈprimary adjective
1. first or most important. his primary concern.
2. of the first level or stage. a primary school.
ˈprimarily (praiˈmerəli) adverb
chiefly; in the first place. I wrote the play primarily as a protest, and only secondarily as entertainment.
primary colours
(of pigments, but not of light) those colours from which all others can be made, ie red, blue and yellow.
prime minister
the chief minister of a government.
prime number
a number that can only be divided without a remainder by itself and 1, eg 3, 5, 7, 31.
ˈprime time noun
the evening hours, the time when most viewers are watching television. The programme will be broadcast during prime time.
prime-time advertising.
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prime minister

رَئِيس الوُزَراء premiér premierminister Premierminister πρωθυπουργός primer ministro pääministeri premier ministre premijer primo ministro 首相 수상 minister president statsminister premier primeiro-ministro премьер-министр premiärminister นายกรัฐมนตรี başbakan thủ tướng 首相
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The Duke of Devenham, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, whose wife entertained for his party, and whose immense income, derived mostly from her American relations, was always at its disposal, was a person almost as important in the councils of his country as the Prime Minister himself.
Harold March was to have traveled with his friend Horne Fisher on that inland voyage to Willowood Place, where the Prime Minister was a guest at the moment.
There was once a man in India who was Prime Minister of one of the semi-independent native States in the north-western part of the country.
Far from wishing my lord to quit Paris, I hope he will stay there and continue to be prime minister, as he is a great statesman.
Forty of these he named the Party of Opposition and had his Prime Minister carefully instruct them in their duty of opposing every royal measure.
He was scuffling with the prime minister and the director-general of public education, and he was a royal gift to me and my camp servants.
So saying, he annexed both countries, and after a long, peaceful, and happy reign was poisoned by his Prime Minister.
Holmes, which was at eight o'clock this morning, I at once informed the Prime Minister. It was at his suggestion that we have both come to you."
When that has been done, and I have become your royal highness's prime minister, I shall be able to think of my own interests and yours."
Gordon Jones exclaimed, "that no requests from me or say, for instance, the Prime Minister, would have any weight with you?"
Many people say that he is the most interesting man in England, and must be our next Prime Minister. Such people interest you, I know.
I have done very well with these two qualities, since, from the son of a fisherman of Piscina, I have become prime minister to the king of France; and in that position your majesty will perhaps acknowledge I have rendered some service to the throne of your majesty.

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