primer coat

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Noun1.primer coat - the first or preliminary coat of paint or size applied to a surfaceprimer coat - the first or preliminary coat of paint or size applied to a surface
coat of paint - a layer of paint covering something else
couch - a flat coat of paint or varnish used by artists as a primer
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Tenders are invited for E/W, Gsb, G-2, G-2, Earth Work In Patri, Brick Edging, Primer Coat, Tack Coat, Pc, Seal Coat Type-C, Construction Of Hp Culvert
Consumers and pros alike can also enjoy the time savings and ease of use with the Regency line's complete paint-and-primer-in-one formulations, which reduce the need for a primer coat.
The new paint shop will switch to a four-coat, two-bake short process, utilising a new 2K waterborne primer to withdraw the need for a third oven-curing cycle that is presently used for the primer coat.
The study also includes global forecasts for automotive coating through 2019, segmented by application such as OEMs market and refinish market, by product type such as electro-coat, primer coat, base coat and clear coat, and by technology such as water-borne coating, solvent-borne coating and others.
The company's HP Indigo WS6000 is now equipped with an HP In Line Priming Unit to reduce waste from offline coating processes and gain control of primer coat weight.
Apply a primer coat, an undercoat and finally a topcoat of exterior paint.
Water-based topcoatings were painted, according to manufacturer instruction, either as a single coat system or combined with primer coat.
The Three Layer Wet Paint System is a one-step baking and drying coating method that applies three layers of paint in succession - primer coat, colored base coat and clear top coat - while still wet, without drying in between.
The Hybri-Flex Series M floor system from Dur-A-Flex incorporates a base coat that offers superior bonding, often eliminating the need for a primer coat.
A technician will sand and scrap the countertop, and dress up any cracks with wood filler before rolling on a primer coat.
The challenge was to upgrade from applying just a primer coat to multi-color finishes.
I had a theory - that the toilet seat was wearing thin and a primer coat was beginning to show through.