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Belonging to the first or earliest age or ages; original or ancient: a primeval galaxy.

[From Latin prīmaevus, early in life : prīmus, first; see per in Indo-European roots + aevum, age; see aiw- in Indo-European roots.]

pri·me′val·ly adv.
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While Eliot's Indian Library failed to improve the incidence of conversion, his transcriptions did generate a visually potent representation, however distorted, of a primevally "primitive" language, the very unpronounceability of which vouchsafed its exoticism and intimated its uninterrupted descent since Genesis.
In all probability, Man was gifted primevally and throughout an endless span of time with a singing voice (it had as yet no connection with even the simplest form of music) which he possessed long before he was able to speak...
Better to listen to the 'water [running] / down above and below the road [running] down | primevally babbling' ('A Family Matter'), for in listening to this primeval babble we are reminded of the 'Logos begotten of log' ('A Four Letter Word').