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1. The earliest ancestor.
2. An ancestor or forebear.

[Late Latin prīmōgenitor : Latin prīmō, at first (from prīmus, first; see per in Indo-European roots) + Latin genitor, begetter (from genitus, past participle of gignere, to beget; see genə- in Indo-European roots).]


1. a forefather; ancestor
2. (Anthropology & Ethnology) an earliest parent or ancestor, as of a race
[C17: alteration of progenitor after primogeniture]


(ˌpraɪ məˈdʒɛn ɪ tər)

forefather; ancestor.
[1645–55; < Late Latin prīmōgenitor ancestor = Latin prīmō at first + genitor parent]
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Noun1.primogenitor - an ancestor in the direct lineprimogenitor - an ancestor in the direct line  
ancestor, antecedent, ascendant, ascendent, root - someone from whom you are descended (but usually more remote than a grandparent)
genitor - a natural father or mother


n (= ancestor)Ahn(e) m, → Vorfahr m; (= first ancestor)Urahn(e) m, → Stammvater m
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The truth is, the 'as-told-to' lives (even that of the primogenitor Nick Black Elk) are the margins of Indian history, not the center of it," scholar Elizabeth Cook-Lynn (Crow Creek Lakota) wrote in Anti-Indianism in Modern America.
Thoroddsen's 13-minute process video, "Yes You're Going to Burn," captures the torching of Primogenitor, the alpha subject in the series.
Rayo ardiente del mar helado y frio, y fulminante aborto, tendi el vuelo; incendio primogenitor del hielo, logre las amenazas de mi brio.
No, the primogenitor of the James Bond movie franchise.
It comes as no surprise then that Samsung has already announced an upgrade for its flagship and primogenitor Android phone, the Samsung Galaxy S.
According to tradition, Hebron is the first place where Abraham purchased a piece of property in the Holy Land and it holds the Tomb of the Patriarchs which is a significant religious site to Muslims and Jews because they share the same primogenitor.
First, there has been no agreement over the number of the original Yoruba princes upon whom the primogenitor ordained crowns.
In fact, Fiennes traces the family roots to around 800 AD, to find that the primogenitor of the family tree was Charlemagne's grandfather, Charles Martel, Fiennes's great-to-the-power-of-41 grandfather.
But by mapping where in the world a particular SNP is common among indigenous people, scientists can make a fairly good estimate of where its primogenitor lived.