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1. Being or happening first in sequence of time; original.
2. Primary or fundamental: play a primordial role.
3. Biology Belonging to or characteristic of the earliest stage of development of an organism or a part: primordial cells.
A basic principle.

[Middle English, from Late Latin prīmōrdiālis, from Latin prīmōrdium, origin : prīmus, first; see per in Indo-European roots + ōrdīrī, to begin to weave; see ar- in Indo-European roots.]

pri·mor′di·al·ly adv.
References in classic literature ?
We have formerly seen that parts many times repeated are eminently liable to vary in number and structure; consequently it is quite probable that natural selection, during a long-continued course of modification, should have seized on a certain number of the primordially similar elements, many times repeated, and have adapted them to the most diverse purposes.
For unlike someone devoted to the life of contemplation, a total worker takes herself to be primordially an agent standing before the world, which is construed as an endless set of tasks extending into the indeterminate future.
Essential alterations in the manner government functions should be at the center of the reform agenda (Popescu and Alpopi, 2017), primordially to diminish the intrinsic determinants to participate in corruption based on what is expected to happen.
5 The idea behind is that of the wisdom of the Old Wise Man primordially inhabitant of the collective unconscious slipping very rarely into consciousness at moments that are extremely crucial to the life of an individual and community.
This primordially Russian tradition of multivoiced folk choir-type performance must be developed on a large scale.
God made himself known neither in a series of ideas nor in a set of rules of conduct, but primordially as a powerful and liberating operation of grace and salvation mediated through a network of rites and symbols in the world and in history as human beings know and experience them.
The role of NGCP as system operator and transmission service provider is primordially vital in the currently three-tiered supply chain - because it is the one at the middle that ensures the wheeling of output from power generating plants to the network of the distribution utilities.
Within African Christian history, the Ethiopian chapter holds a place of honor because, in the words of Walls, "the significance of Ethiopia for all African Christians, as symbol of Africa indigenously, primordially Christian, and as symbol of a Christian tradition completely independent of the West, has been seized all over the continent, as the countless churches and societies all over the continent that take 'Ethiopian' as part of their title bear witness.
10) In this notion, the human is primordially guilty even he hospitalizes others prior to any interest.
These vital energies that, somehow, constitute the indispensable primordially of the subjective feeling in holding itself in a unity (p.
In contrast, the public image of anarchism was redefined, reinforcing the stereotype of a contradictory and immature political force, essentially empty and primordially interested in violence--and not as a positive and constructive project of social transformation.