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1. Being or happening first in sequence of time; original.
2. Primary or fundamental: play a primordial role.
3. Biology Belonging to or characteristic of the earliest stage of development of an organism or a part: primordial cells.
A basic principle.

[Middle English, from Late Latin prīmōrdiālis, from Latin prīmōrdium, origin : prīmus, first; see per in Indo-European roots + ōrdīrī, to begin to weave; see ar- in Indo-European roots.]

pri·mor′di·al·ly adv.
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We have formerly seen that parts many times repeated are eminently liable to vary in number and structure; consequently it is quite probable that natural selection, during a long-continued course of modification, should have seized on a certain number of the primordially similar elements, many times repeated, and have adapted them to the most diverse purposes.
Regardless of their gender, men and women primordially strive to survive.
JESUS was primordially baptized with the Holy Spirit; in His humanness He was anointed and filled with Spirit, and so in full communion with God.
Something either monstrous or awesome, perhaps primordially sublime in lacking deadening social imprint.
Our leaders are integrity-deficient, morally bankrupt and primordially sentimental.
Like nouns, adjectives in the Old High German language form a new system of suffixes with abstract meaning through the formation of words with primordially independent words.
[...] Thus the way in which Being and its modes and characteristics have their meaning determined primordially in terms of time, is what we shall call its "Temporal" determinateness.
Essential alterations in the manner government functions should be at the center of the reform agenda (Popescu and Alpopi, 2017), primordially to diminish the intrinsic determinants to participate in corruption based on what is expected to happen.
Here, human experience is repositioned in relation to the human predicament, which is primordially entwined with the existence of others (Heidegger, 1962).
Aquaporin 4 (AQP4) is a member of a water channel protein family expressed primordially in the end feet of astrocytes at the border with the capillary network, the glia limitans and central canal ependyma [18], and the regulation of its expression might underlie some mechanistic actions of MP administration after SCI.
5 The idea behind is that of the wisdom of the Old Wise Man primordially inhabitant of the collective unconscious slipping very rarely into consciousness at moments that are extremely crucial to the life of an individual and community.