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v. primped, primp·ing, primps
1. To dress or groom with meticulous or excessive attention to detail: I primped my hair for the date. Stylists primped the models before they appeared on the runway.
2. To spruce up or arrange carefully: "waiters in vests and neckties primping white tablecloths" (Pete Wells).
1. To dress or groom oneself with elaborate care; preen.
2. To spruce something up or arrange something carefully.

[Perhaps alteration of prim.]
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Noun1.primping - careful or finicky groomingprimping - careful or finicky grooming; "the primping alone took more than an hour"
grooming, dressing - the activity of getting dressed; putting on clothes
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Trump feigned primping his hair, then shrugged to the audience.
Not just that, a bit of primping is essential as it reflects our overall sense of well-being.
Along with their teachers, they came into school wearing brightly coloured wigs, or hats, with some dying their hair and primping it into outrageous hairstyles in aid of CLIC Sargent, a children's cancer charity, and managed to raise a massive PS600.
AT 16 most young women are primping and preening in a bid to engage everyone around them.
Most of you Drycleaners are obsessed with washing, wiping, scrubbing, soaking, polishing and primping, while here in Bogeydom all of that type of behaviour is illegal.
Our pet-loving cousins in the USA have decided to dedicate a day to primping their pets - and we thought we'd like to see the snaps of your dressed-up furry friends.
Look for those with skincare properties, such as Max Factor's new Colour Elixir Lipsticks or embark on a pout primping routine.
Trying to up one's chances of hooking Mr Right is an exhausting business, what with all the upkeep involved - primping and plucking, waxing and hair straightening, not to mention attempting to keep the pot belly at bay with trips to the gym or lumbering about in your living room to Davina McCall exercise DVDs.
Her over-creative beautician spent so long primping and preening the mother-of-the-bride and bridesmaid, there was limited time left to beautify the bride herself.
Not to mention, she's much more of a tomboy than the short dresses and full primping would indicate.
A pair of Portsmouth entrepreneurs, however, are succeeding in putting the "pleasure" back in primping your pooch.