primum mobile

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pri·mum mo·bi·le

 (prī′məm mō′bə-lē′, prē′məm mō′bĭ-lā′)
1. The tenth and outermost concentric sphere of the universe thought in Ptolemaic astronomy to revolve around the earth from east to west in 24 hours and believed to cause the other nine spheres to revolve with it.

[Medieval Latin prīmum mōbile : prīmum, neuter of prīmus, first + mōbile, from neuter of mōbilis, movable (translation of Arabic al-muḥarrik al-'awwal : al-, the + muḥarrik, mover + 'awwal, first).]

primum mobile

(ˈpraɪmʊm ˈməʊbɪlɪ)
1. a prime mover
2. (Astronomy) astronomy the outermost empty sphere in the Ptolemaic system that was thought to revolve around the earth from east to west in 24 hours carrying with it the inner spheres of the planets, sun, moon, and fixed stars
[C15: from Medieval Latin: first moving (thing)]

pri•mum mo•bi•le

(ˈpri mʊm ˈmoʊ bɪˌlɛ; Eng. ˈpraɪ məm ˈmɒb əˌli, ˈpri-)

n. Latin.
(in Ptolemaic astronomy) the outermost sphere of the universe, making a complete revolution every 24 hours and causing all the others to do likewise.
[literally, first moving (thing)]
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Noun1.primum mobile - an agent that is the cause of all things but does not itself have a cause; "God is the first cause"
causal agency, causal agent, cause - any entity that produces an effect or is responsible for events or results
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Art is in fact revealed as the primum mobile of this portrait of the artist as a young girl.
Der aussersten, Gott vorbehaltenen Sphare der Fixsterne und ihrem primum mobile wies er die Kerubim und Seraphim zu; und jedem der darin kreisenden Planeten gedachte er einen eigenen Chor von Engeln zu, sieben Range, von den thrones des Saturn bis hinab zu den virtutes der Venus, den archangeli des Merkur und den angeli des Mondes.
Every man is a creative cause of what happens, a primum mobile with an original movement.
The bottom triad is associated with action, the second with order, and the top with contemplative wisdom; thus in the Paradiso, the moon, Mercury, and Venus contain active souls; the sun, Mars, and Jove contain souls who establish order; Saturn, the Fixed Stars, and the Primum Mobile contain souls absorbed in divine wisdom.
Dante and Beatrice have ascended to the ninth heaven of paradise, to the Primum Mobile, and there Dante sees a dazzling point of light surrounded by nine fiery circles:
In the Blean, the laborers' family economy was their primum mobile.