primus inter pares

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pri·mus in·ter pa·res

 (prī′məs ĭn′tər pâr′ēz, prē′mo͝os ĭn′tər pä′rĕs′)
n. pl. pri·mi inter pares (-mī, -mē)
The first among equals.

[Latin prīmus inter parēs : prīmus, first + inter, among + parēs, pl. of pār, equal.]

primus inter pares

(ˈpraɪməs ɪntə ˈpɑːrɪz)
first among equals

pri•mus in•ter pa•res

(ˈpri mʊs ˈɪn tɛr ˈpɑ rɛs; Eng. ˈpraɪ məs ˈɪn tər ˈpɛər iz, ˈpri-)
Latin. (of males) first among equals.

primus inter pares

A Latin phrase meaning first among equals.
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Was this one tricky issue among many - or was it primus inter pares; an inescapable moral and political imperative which must condition other outcomes?
Congressman Martin is primus inter pares material in Congress," he said.
3.What does the Latin phrase 'Primus inter pares' translate to in English?
He said he also fully supports the coalition's position that House members "be given the freedom to elect their own leaders based on the dictates of their conscience and in accordance with the wishes of their constituents."?"Let every speakership aspirant subject himself to the scrutiny of his peers, who shall be the ultimate judge on who shall be the primus inter pares.
Said he: 'We will not rest but rather continue to work hard to achieve our target of decreasing poverty incidence to 14 percent, or even better, by the end of PRRD's term in 2022 and fulfill the President's vision of providing a comfortable life for each and every Filipino.' Finance Secretary Carlos Dominguez, the primus inter pares in the Cabinet, was equally ecstatic.
As a Speaker, one is supposed to be a primus inter pares, a first among equals.
Moreover, the CJI is primus inter pares, who allots a variety of administrative duties and responsibilities to the Judges.
He is also known to be a loner with few friends who is not quite the primus inter pares (first among equals) in the party and the government, where his word is the law.
To them, Yugoslavia, far from being a conspiracy to hold down Serbia, was actually a conspiracy to enshrine Serbia's position as primus inter pares. After all, Serbia controlled the army, the secret police and the ruling party.
If it seems a little high-flown to use Latin words to describe women as down-to-earth as Nina and Katie, the phrase primus inter pares ("first among equals") seems a perfect fit to describe Nina's status relative to her great friend and rival.
Primus inter pares is Carbonnier's writing, being both thoroughly readable and well researched.