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1. principal.
2. principally.
3. principle.
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And in her own way, and with her own profusion of sensuous charms, she also seemed to illustrate the eternal truth of an unerring prin ciple.
Fe fyddant yn arddangos cynnyrch a chrefftau o bob math ac anifeiliaid yn amrywio o fridiau bychain prin i'r geifr, moch, gwartheg, defaid a dofednod.
CEILIDH band Aderyn Prin will be feeling the love this weekend when they perform at a Twmpath Dawns (folk dance) to celebrate Santes Dwynwen, the patron saint of Welsh lovers.
"(1) Posesorul unui lucru mobil care nu apartine nimanui devine proprietarul acestuia, prin ocupatiune, de la data intrarii in posesie, insa numai daca aceasta se face in conditiile legii.
Prin iawn y bydd Garry'n fodlon gadael i neb arall fod yn dad i'w fab ac mae wythnos ofidus ar y gorwel i rai o drigolion Cwmderi.
Prin faptul ca murim--ne murim moartea!--probam un paradox pe care-l intuim a fi Paradoxul Divinului.
While very highly recommended for both community and academic library Contemporary Literary Fiction collections, it should be noted for personal reading lists and community librarians that "Original Prin" is also available as a complete and unabridged audio book (Brilliance, 9781799716341, $24.99, CD).
She said: "Prin passed away very suddenly, it was a total shock.
PrIN cell bodies that were retrogradely stained with TMR and located in the intermediate grey matter between the T7 and T10 SCIs were counted from the contralateral and ipsilateral sides of the spinal cord relative to the T10 SCI and normalized to the length of the section analyzed.
Aderyn Prin Ceilidh Band perform at a twmpath dawns (folk dance)
But rather than just put it down to a strenuous bout of REM sleep, Takako has since opened a shop to sell the 10,000 fetching outfits she's handmade for Prin and Kotaro.