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adj. prince·li·er, prince·li·est
1. Of or relating to a prince; royal.
2. Befitting a prince, as:
a. Noble: a princely bearing.
b. Munificent; lavish: inherited a princely sum.

prince′li·ness n.
prince′ly adv.
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He's an American paragon of elegant princeliness; she's an explosive Russian powerhouse who seems to mock the laws of gravity.
This emphasis upon Mary's virtuous princeliness reflects favourably upon James I's qualifications and legitimacy as monarch, and this legitimacy is reinforced at the text's conclusion which cites his succession as fulfilling Mary's chief desire that the kingdoms of England and Scotland 'might be united in the person of her deare sonne', and Elizabeth's wish 'that the Religion by her established in England, might be kept and conserved, with the safetie and securitie of the people'.
In my view, Hamlet's princeliness is part of what Holbrook and Lupton admire and mobilize in the cause of contemporary democratic politics.