principal investigator

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Noun1.principal investigator - the scientist in charge of an experiment or research project
scientist - a person with advanced knowledge of one or more sciences
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China principal investigator - Professor Qiang Zhang, University of Hunan
Principal Investigator and Arizona State University physics professor Jose Menendez believes this funded research will lead to the development of very cost-effective, high-performance infrared lasers with widespread military and commercial applications for sensing and communications.
Principal investigators on such awards are invited to submit a request for an administrative supplement to the awarding component of the parent grant to support an eligible candidate interested in reestablishing a research career.
Blueprint's Principal Investigator, Christopher Hogue said, "prior to this announcement, BIND funding was limited to prototypes built by graduate students with limited abilities to build and maintain software systems for the public.
The Principal Investigator (PI) will promptly notify NIH-NCCAM of any violations and take appropriate actions to rectify any improprieties.
Gail Eckhardt has been the principal investigator on over 40 Phase I/II trials and co-investigator on a further 50 experimental drug trials.
principal investigator of POLAR's ionospheric X-ray imaging experiment.
reduces the frequency of relapses and slows the progression of disability, according to the respective principal investigators of the two clinical trials.
In addition to the provision of the basic employment services library, the principal investigator was available to respond to any specific information requests related to employment services the ILPs might have.
Malaria Indicator Survey for Sierra Leone Request for proposals for the Principal Investigator Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is requesting proposals for a principal investigator (PI) to oversee the 2013 Sierra Leone Malaria Indicator Survey.
Estimating of staffing needs, including principal investigator, other professional and support staff must be included.
Management outcomes of diabetes: New England Medical Center, Sheldon Greenfield, MD, principal investigator.

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