principal sum

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Noun1.principal sum - capital as contrasted with the income derived from it
capital - wealth in the form of money or property owned by a person or business and human resources of economic value
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For meeting principal repayments, beyond ensuring the principal sum is available in the Finance Reserve Service Account (FSRA) six months before repayment, half of the principal amount would have been set aside nine months before.
29, representing the average closing price of Pharming shares over the last ten days prior to the closing date and a final payment on maturation (1 July 2019) of 9% of the principal sum.
8 million), including management of the principal sum amounting to 4 billion 67.
Arseniy Yatsenyuk appealed to the Ministry of Finance to allocate UAH70 million remaining from the principal sum for the project implementation.
principal sum of [pounds sterling]22,500, of which Dr.
Kolkata: The independent commission setup by the West Bengal government to probe into the operations of the Saradha Group, and to receive complaints from its duped investors, will start paying investors the first tranche of the principal sum starting next month.
BIHL said: "The Board wishes to inform the shareholders of the Company and potential investors that, on July 27, 2013, the company has entered into a loan agreement with U-Continent Holdings Limited, pursuant to which the Lender has made available to the Company a loan in the principal sum of HK$20 million for up to 12 months at a monthly interest rate of 0.
On March 30, 2010, Capital One filed a Petition for Executory Process against Nicoll, alleging that the amount on the principal sum was $244,595.
DAAR transferred the total principal sum to Deutsche Bank (the principal paying agents) on Thursday and the sukuk account holders will receive funds on Monday, a company press release said.
Dar al-Arkan transferred the total principal sum to Deutsche Bank, the principal paying agents, on Thursday and the sukuk account holders will receive the funds on Monday," the firm said in the statement.
and the principal sum is to be repaid in the duration of 15 years after the execution period for five years.
with the principal sum when the restructured loan finally matures.

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