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n. pl. prin·ci·pal·i·ties
1. A territory ruled by a prince or princess or from which such a title is derived.
2. The position, authority, or jurisdiction of a prince or princess; sovereignty.
3. principalities Christianity The seventh of the nine orders of angels in medieval angelology. Also called princedoms.
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pl n
(Theology) (often capital) the seventh of the nine orders into which the angels are divided in medieval angelology. Also called: princedoms
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All states, all powers, that have held and hold rule over men have been and are either republics or principalities.
But in general, the power of the barons triumphed over that of the prince; and in many instances his dominion was entirely thrown off, and the great fiefs were erected into independent principalities or States.
What were principalities and powers, the rise and fall of dynasties, the overthrow of Grit or Tory, compared with that miraculous occurrence?

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