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Noun1.print run - the period that presses run to produce an issue of a newspaper
run - the continuous period of time during which something (a machine or a factory) operates or continues in operation; "the assembly line was on a 12-hour run"
split run - a print run of a newspaper during which some articles or advertisements are changed to produce a different edition
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Each year, a print run of 6-7 publications with a print run of 300 copies is expected.
The editor of Al Tayar, Osman Mirghani, confirmed to AFP his newspaper's print run had been seized.
Another example: "Wedding newspapers previously printed on colour copying machines and then patched together can now be ordered in the online shop with a print run as low as one.
THE FIRST print run of Sanjaya Baru's book that portrays Prime Minister Manmohan Singh as a leader "defanged" by the Congress has sold out but the publisher Penguin India says its release was not advanced to cash in on interest that would be generated by linking it to the Lok Sabha polls.
So instead of a 100,000 or 200,000+ print run with one or two editions, you're getting demands and opportunities for more 5,000 to 10,000 print runs.
Liberties Press expect the second print run to arrive in a fortnight - the biggest ever print run of any book they have published.
1990 JK Rowling imagines Harry Potter for the first time on a train 1991 Rowling, 26, writes 10 different first chapters 1994 She writes Harry Potter on notepads in cafes around Edinburgh 1995 Rowling finishes Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 1996 Bloomsbury Press accepts the book 1997 Published in the UK, with 500 copies printed 1998 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets published with a print run of more than 10,000 1999 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban spends four weeks on top of the best-sellers charts 2000 Rowling earns $40m in 1999.
Last month, PMP Print noticed some problems with the printing and binding of the April issue of Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand, near the end of the print run.
The North East version is already on its third print run, according to makers.
According to the Guardian, the title has become one of the bestselling non-fiction books in history and its publisher HarperCollins has had to print an extra 300,000 books after an initial print run of 1.
99 and is one of only 500 produced in the first print run of the book in 1997.
Both guides have been very well received, and are already into their second print run.