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We are aware that some locations will place the patient's label on the print-out which they give to the physician.
One page, which contains details of a named woman's previous convictions, reads: "This print-out is produced for the use of the court, defence and probation service only and must not be disclosed to any other party.
The test procedure should be largely automatic, including the print-out of the curves as in figure 2.
This unit monitors and records the delivery of fuel oil and provides building managers with a PC display and print-out of the time and date of every delivery, the number of gallons delivered, and an ongoing record of oil remaining in the tank, in inches and gallons.
Prior above actions, print and ring-bind one test print-out of the Toolkit and share it with
Reading from a print-out allegedly found on at least one of the spotters, he said: 'It says Greece is an ideal place for plane spotters but unfortunately you are not allowed to take photographs, and taking the numbers of aircraft is a criminal offence.
The print-out for Tuesday reveals that the two engines normally available at both Solihull and Smethwick fire stations were off run.
Soon after installing the machine, a routine print-out of the boiler's fuel meter, running time of the burner, stack temperature reading and vacuum/pressure readings signaled to Mr.
C) Use Print-outs Of The Electronic I-call For Tenders Documents For The Submission
Meikle, 54, posted the print-outs in June last year but when the case came to trial at Paisley Sheriff Court, Terry Gallanagh, defending, said she did not have a case to answer because she had not broken the law.