printer's devil

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print·er's devil

An apprentice in a printing establishment.

[From the apprentice becoming black from the ink.]

printer's devil

(Printing, Lithography & Bookbinding) an apprentice or errand boy in a printing establishment
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Noun1.printer's devil - an apprentice in a printing establishment
apprentice, prentice, learner - works for an expert to learn a trade
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But we must get down into the Vale again, and so away by the Great Western Railway to town, for time and the printer's devil press, and it is a terrible long and slippery descent, and a shocking bad road.
I have sent, for your private consideration, a list of the contents of this curious piece, which I shall perhaps subjoin, with your approbation, to the third volume of my Tale, in case the printer's devil should continue impatient for copy, when the whole of my narrative has been imposed.
In London, a young Billingsgate printer's devil, Benjamin Franklin, "religiously educated as a Presbyterian," read anti-Deist tracts that "wrought an effect on [himl quite contrary to what was intended by them.
The photo of Anil on the back cover shows he's a bit of a lingujistic sprite combined with a bit of the printer's devil.
Yet, the translators could not fight the Printer's Devil which got into the first edition itself where Ruth was referred to as "he".
Riqsby and His Amazing Sihouettes will stage Shadow Odyssey in conjunction with Printer's Devil Theatre (at Theatre Off Jackson) Oct.
Messages flashed on the Roads and Transport Authority's (RTA) intelligent system, though not fraught with the printer's devil or wrong grammar, are equally comic.
He was a printer's devil (a typeset apprentice) and a Mississippi river pilot.
Legally blind since birth, Moore began work in newspapers as a 12-year-old printer's devil.
The story of evil guardians, helpless twins, and family mysteries and treasure set in the depths of the English countryside comes to life in this sequel to THE PRINTER'S DEVIL.
With the exception of this introductory material, the electronic and print versions are identical; as Spadoni warns, "Let no hand of the printer's devil touch this e-bibliography
A printer's devil who became the publisher of our first national newspaper, he editorialized in favor of free public education for all and, of course, going west; and against capital punishment, slavery, imperialism, and (alas) women's suffrage, while hiring a brilliant Margaret Fuller to edit his literary pages and publishing an early draft of Thoreau's Walden.