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Noun1.Printer's ink - a semisolid quick drying ink made especially for use in printingprinter's ink - a semisolid quick drying ink made especially for use in printing
ink - a liquid used for printing or writing or drawing
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It must blaze up, indeed, with a great brilliance the dull printer's ink expended on the assemblage of the few letters that form the ship's name to the anxious eyes scanning the page in fear and trembling.
What glorious rows of head-lines they must have seen as a last vision beautiful, never destined to materialize in printer's ink! I could see Macdona among the doctors--"Hope in Harley Street"--Mac had always a weakness for alliteration.
Barnard, writing about the importance of graphics to advertising in 'Printer's Ink' magazine in 1921, quoted a Chinese philosopher as saying: "One look is worth a thousand words".
LensPen products use a similar carbon compound found in printer's ink, which make newspapers effective for cleaning windows and glass.
The new printer's ink set delivers a wide range of colours, with more dramatic blues and violets, while new AccuPhoto HD2 image technology provides smoother colour transitions and better highlight and shadow detail, Epson America claims.
Block printer's ink was squeezed on a Plexiglas[R] plate and spread evenly with a brayer.
He later served as a magazine editor for several Chicago-based publications, including Printer's Ink, Furniture Manufacturing & Design, Rogue and Playboy, where he was a photo editor and director of foreign editions for a decade.
"We intend to make Solaris the narrow web printer's ink supplier of choice by offering unparalleled value," Mr.
If your camp fills before the printer's ink is dry on the application forms, then marketing is of lesser importance.
Officials believe the substance may be talcum powder, which is sometimes used to help dry printer's ink.