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Noun1.printer cable - a cable between a computer and a printerprinter cable - a cable between a computer and a printer
transmission line, cable, line - a conductor for transmitting electrical or optical signals or electric power
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The Belkin 2.0 USB-C to USB-B printer cable is now retailing for $14, against the regular price of $20.
The shocking array of mislaid equipment, which totals over pounds 3,000, lists other missing items including a charity money box, a Play Station console, DVD player, two fans, a PC monitor, keyboard and printer cable and even a plant water timer.
Compare the cable and connector of USB to the old parallel printer cable and plug, and then consider the amount of information each is capable of intelligently managing.
And, frankly, Leslie and Sarah didn't know beyond the fact that it happened when they unplugged the printer cable.
EnCase is copy-protected through the use of a dongle that plugs into the USB or parallel port (you can pass your printer cable through the parallel version so it won't interfere with printing).
The Pocket Printer A6 ships with a serial printer cable, AC power adapter, 4 AA batteries, 1 roll printer A6 paper, travel bag, setup CD-ROM and a printed manual.
The artwork is generated via a graphics arts program on a computer, which is connected to the engraving system via a parallel printer cable. Drivers for the system are installed into a computer much the way new printer drivers are installed when adding a conventional printer.
Also included is an HP V-series monitor and an HP DeskJet 610CL colour inkjet printer with printer cable. Simple start-up instructions including customer support contact details are included on a 'welcome mat'.
FOR CRAIG JONES, IT ALL started with a printer cable.
Then you disconnect the computer end of your printer cable and connect it to the Backpack out jack.